Ancient Egypt


Crop irrigation in Egypt

5000 Bc

Badarian culture in Egypt with pottery

4500 Bc

Stone tools still used in Egypt and Mesopotamia

4000 bc

Egypt organized into nomos (provinces) ruled by nomarchs (chiefs)

4000 bc

Egyptians have mirrors of metal

3500 Bc

Naqada culture in Egypt, which became Egyptian state

3500 BC - 3100 bc

Bread in Egypt

3500 BC

Hieroglyphic writing in Egypt

3200 bc

Ancient Egyptian Time Frame

3100 BC - 100 BC

Writing, record keeping, and formal administrative organization evident in Egypt

3100 bc

Ox teams pulling plows in Egypt

3000 bc

Egyptians use calendar with 365 days

2773 bc

Period of Old Kingdom in Egypt, military staff developed

2686 bc - 2160 bc

Egypt's first pyramid, at Saqqara, by Pharaoh Djoser

2630 bc

Paved highway in Egypt

2600 bc

Pyramids of Giza built

2584 BC

Egyptians performing surgery, and some patients live

2500 bc

Papyrus in Egypt

2400 bc

Hyksos expelled from Egypt

1567 bc

Glassmaking perfected in Middle East, including bottles in Egypt

1500 bc

Pyramids are out, cutting tombs into rock is in

1500 bc

Sundials in Egypt

1500 bc

Egypt reaches greatest extent, through the efforts of Thutmose III

1450 bc

Egypt revolts against Persia, delaying Darius' rematch with Greece

486 bc