Ancient Egyptian Timeline

Civilisation from 3100 BC to 100 BC


Timeline of the Pharaoh's power

3100 BC - 332 BC

It ended by the invasion of the Persians and the Greeks.

Egyptian Life Begins

3100 BC

Lower and Upper Egypt Unite

2900 BC - 2895 BC

This was a very long occurrence. It was a very strong feeling for the Egyptians.

Old Kingdom

2750 BC - 2160 BC

Pyramids are built and the potter's wheel was invented

Building of the Great Sphinx and Great Pyramid of Giza

2500 BC - 2000 BC

Pharaoh's loss of power

2400 BC - 2200 BC

During war Pharaoh's lost all sorts of power.

Middle Kingdom

2040 BC - 1780 BC

Egypt is ruled by Pharaoh Mentuhotep Thebes who was strong enough to rule all of Egypt.

Hyksos invade Pella, Egypt

1652 BC - 1648 BC

They fight over who should rule Egypt during this invasion of Pella.

New Kingdom

1570 BC - 1080 BC

Hyksos driven out of Egypt by new Pharaoh Ahmose of Thebes. Egypt was at it's strongest point. Beautiful Temples and statues were built

Egypt at it's best

1550 BC - 1070 BC

Egypt is at it's best having armies to protect the borders and

Tutankhamun Lifeline

1343 BC - 1325 BC

Tutankhamun was a well known Pharaoh. He was Pharaoh for 9 years

Tutankhamun's Ruling

1336 BC - 1327 BC

Tutankhamun ruled for 9 years

King Tutankhamun Buried & Mummified

1325 BC

His tomb was discovered in 1922. Found with it were wonderful treasures including a pure gold death mask.

Persians invade Egypt

334 BC - 331 BC

This is the time of great confusion for the Egyptians.

Invasion of Alexander the Great

333 BC - 331 BC

They took over Egypt in 332 BC. It was then controlled by the Greek Kings. It ended the New Kingdoms era.