"Night" by Elie Weisel


Hitler is elected: March 1, 1933

March 1, 1933

The era of Nazi teror begins. Adolf Hitler rises to power and begins to control Europe. He introduces the hate toward Jews

Kristallnacht: November 9, 1938

November 9, 1938 - November 10, 1938

Known as the Night of Broken Glass, German S.A paramilitary and civilians attacked Jewish synagogues, stores, and buildings. German authorities did not intervene. This started the intense attacks against Jews, and at least 91 were killed.

First Deportations of Jews: Summer of 1941

July 15, 1941 - August 12, 1941

Moshie the Beadle was a foreign Jew, and so he was deported from Sighet. This is also the beginning of deportations and surprises the Jewish people of the German hatred.

Massacre of Hungarian Jews: August 1942

August 1942

Mass graves filled with Jews are carried out. Moshie the Beadle escapes and warns others, but nobody believes him. He tries to save the others, but his acts are in vain.

Germany occupies Hungary: March 1944

March 1944

Germany begins to impose their Jewish rules onto Hungary and forces the Hungarian police to arrest and deport Hungarian Jews. Elie's family will soon begin to suffer under Hitler's rule

Persecution of Jews in Sighet, Transylvania: April 1944

April 1944

During the persecution, Jewish leaders are arrested, synagogues are closed down, and Jews are quarantined. The Nazis confiscate valuables and for Transylvanian Jews to wear the Yellow Star of David. They are banned from restaurants, cafes, and public transportation. This leads up to the deportation of all Jews.

Sighet Jew Deportation: May 16, 1944

May 16, 1944

Elie's family begins their horrific journey along the paths of concentration camps. Their belongings are left behind and their suffering will now begin.

Auschwitz Evacuation: January 17, 1945

January 17, 1945

Germany evacuates Auschwitz and moves some Jews toward Buchenwald to be "processed" and attempts to destroy any evidence of gas chambers for Allied troops to find. Elie suffers greatly in the cattle wagon on the train due to the cold.

Soviet Troops Liberate Auschwitz: January 27, 1945

January 27, 1945

The remaining prisoners at Auschwitz are saved by the Red Army. However, Elie has moved onto Buchenwald, and will not be liberated for another two and a half months.

Buchenwald Liberated by U.S. troops: April 10, 1945

April 10, 1945

The prisoners of Buchenwald, along with Elie, are saved by U.S. troops and tanks. One of the last concentration camps liberated, Elie had to suffer through extreme acts of horror during World War II and the Holocaust.