Chapter 26 Timeline


Treaty of Nanking


Spawning from a failed war against the British to stop the opium trade, this treaty forced China to cede Hong Kong to the British, pay them $100,000,000, and open up 4 large cities to foreign trade with low tariffs.

Ports opened in Japan


Commodore Matthew Perry steamed into Edo and demanded negotiations with the Emperor. Powerless against naval bombardment, the Japanese had no choice but to surrender to the Americans and their trade deals.

Great Rebellion

1857 - 1858

This was an uprising against the white man in India which lasted for a year before it was crushed, mainly by loyal natives from the south. It caused Britain to rule India indirectly afterwords.

Meiji Restoration


Patriotic samurai seized control of the government with almost no bloodshed and restored the emperor to power in Japan.

Suez Canal completed


The Suez Canal was a waterway that allowed passage through the middle east. It was a source of fighting and great debate in later years.

Feudal system abolished in Japan


The new leaders got rid of the old feudal system, declared equality, freedom of movement, ad created a free economy. Industrialization also occurred.

Great White Walls

1880 - 1890

These were discriminatory laws in the United States and Australia designed to keep Asian migrants out.

Revolts in Egypt


These revolts were led by Ahmed Arabi and the Egyptian Nationalist Party, who organized riots throughout all of Egypt. The British bombarded the country, and put down the revolts, occupying Egypt until 1956.

Berlin Conference

1884 - 1885

This conference agreed that European claims to a territory had to rest on 'effective occupation' to be recognized by other states, meaning that no single country could claim the whole continent.

United States gains the Philippines


This territory was won in the Spanish-American war. Philippine patriots rose up against the U.S. but were suppressed after much fighting.

The Hundred Days of Reform


This was a desperate attempt to westernize China to try to meet foreign challenges.

Japan annexes Korea


This was Japan's final step in becoming a major imperial power.