The Lemon Tree


British take over Palestine


They declare their intention for a Jewish National Homeland: the Balfour Declaration

Jewish population quadrupled in Palestine

1922 - 1936

Hitler takes power in Germany

January 30, 1933

Arab Terrorist al-Qassam killed by the British


Ahmad Khairi Builds his Home

03/01/1936 - 12/01/1936

Two Jews Shot and Killed outside of Town


This even sparked an outbreak of violence on both sides

Peel and the British recommend Palestine be divided


Arab Rebellion

September 1937

Begun when a British commissioner was killed. The British response was to take control of all military, execute suspected terrorists, and jail thousands of others.

The White Paper

May 1939

The British accepted many of the demands of the Arab terrorists. They agreed to strictly limit Jewish immigration, and tighten restrictions on land sales in Palestine. The white Paper also called for a single unified state rather than a divided Palestine.

British finally defeat the Arab Rebellion

January 1940

The victory by the British was at the cost of "Tens of thousands jailed, thousands killed, hundreds executed, countless houses demolished, and key leaders in exile."

Bashir is Born

Feb 16, 1942

The UN votes to divide Palestine

November 30, 1947

Bombs planted by both Jews and arabs kill scores of people

February 1948

Headquarters of Hassan Salameh devastated by Jewish explosives

April 1948

Abd al-Qader al-Husseini is killed

April 1948

British leave Palestine, Arab and Jewish States go into effect

May 15, 1948

Bashir, Yasser, Ghiath come into Israel



Bulgarian King reluctantly joins Axis Powers

January 1941

"Defense of the Nation" is enacted in Bulgaria

May 1941

This mean the Jews were to have signs outside their homes identifying them as Jews, and many of their rights were taken away.

Moshe moves his family out of Sofia to Sliven

January 1943

First of many mass expulsions of Jews from Bulgaria

January 1943

Jewish Schoolyard roundup in Plovdiv

March 9, 1943

Thousands of Jews are rounded up to be shipped on trains to concentration camps. They are only just barely saved by political maneuvering and the support of the non-Jewish Bulgarian people.

Irgun (Israeli Terrorists) bomb British Military headquarters

July 1946

Dalia is Born

Dec 2 1947