Janus Lore Storyline


Third world war

2023 - 2037

The Sino-American war also known as the third world war ignited over American intervention in India and Pakistan as their governments collapsed. The war resulted in the first widespread use of Tactical nuclear weaponry. As a result, large areas of central Asia were rendered irradiated

Asian cataclysm

2040 - 2065

Along with the collapsed Indian and Pakistani governments, The Vietnamese, Burmese, Bangladeshi, Nepalese, Bhutanan, Afghani, Korean and Japanese governments collapse from massive debt, internal revolutions, corrupt officials and external invasions

First practical Bussard Ramjet constructed


Solar system is extensively colonized

2069 - 2133

After the first bussard ramjets are constructed, the first Human colonies are founded on Luna, Mars as well as several research station on Europa, Titan, Io and Pluto.

U.A.R. Founded


With the Treaty of Washington signed by Canada, Mexico, The United States of America, Cuba, Haiti and the Dominican Republic. The U.A.R. was founded as the most powerful nation in the world.

Russo-Sino Coalition launched


In an attempt to counter the creation of the U.A.R. The Russian Federation and People's Republic of China sign the "Shanghi Treaty of Integration" Formally establishing the Russo-Sino Coalition

Fourth World war

2094 - 2107

Igniting over the initial colonization of the solar system, the United North American Republics and Russo-Sino Coalition began open warfare after small skirmishes ignited at several of the Lunar colonies.

Armstrong colony destroyed


An unknown party detonated a 40 kiloton fusion device on the Capital of the U.A.R. Lunar colonies. Completely destroying it as well as several other minor colonies

Eden project

2134 - 2158

The E.D.E.N. project begins as a massive European-Russian-American project to expand Humanity's population distribution

E.D.E.N. project launched


The E.D.E.N project had a simple objective, take Humans and send them via massive sleeper ships to nearby habitable worlds. The E.S.A. Tannhauser is the most well remembered

Tannhausarian unification wars

2159 - 2189

In the beginning, The Tannhausarians were a disparate group of ethnically divided clans. Desperately warring against each other over the sparse resources thinly spread over the planet's vast deserts and plains. This continued for almost 30 years,

Tannhausarian Imperium founded


It is at this point that the Imperium was forged. Magister Dantius Dagmara stood forward, suggesting the formation of a planetary government, an empire of all Tannhausarians. Where all were equal, where there would be no strife, no warfare, no poverty. It was an obvious choice, sink back into the darkness of the past three decades, or step forward with pride as a united peoples. There was ultimately little resistance.

Tannhausarian Imperium achieves space-travel


It took little more than twenty more years for the Imperium of Tannhauser to reach up into the stars. By this time, they had exhausted the meagre resources of their home. In Terran years it would be 2208, while Terra's fledgling Unified Territories had yet to even become a thought in someone's head, The Imperium of Tannhauser took to the stars. Guided by a xenophobic sense of abandonment by the rest of mankind.

F.T.L Travel achieved


F.T.L. Travel was finally achieved at this point, though. The galaxy was not what Humanity expected

Colonial failures

2304 - 2339

After initial colonization attempts succeed. They seem to fail almost overnight. Unknown bacteria, viruses, animals and plants seem to be tailored specifically towards destroying Human settlements, Numerous attempts at removing these hazards end in complete failure

Humanity discovers Terraforming technology


Through pure Human ingenuity, Man managed to change the nature of planets themselves. In the year 2342 Humanity began to uncover the miraculous technology of terraforming; A tool which allowed Humanity to spread throughout the galaxy like a plague. Every world was terraformed for a purpose, be it agriculture, mining, industry, relaxation or an amalgamation of all.

Core-worlds founded

2350 - 2357

In these seven years, the future core-worlds were created any developed by independent parties.

Federation of Unified Territories founded


The Federation of Unified Territories began as a small defensive alliance formed by the core worlds of Life ,Terra , Mars, Harmony and T'ca. Membership in the Unified Territories began to swell exponentially as more and more worlds were developed

Piracy, raiders and poverty threaten to overwhelm Humanity

2370 - 2379

an unforeseen surge of piratical activity, failing trade routes and overpopulation. The U.T. Seemed to be the only force capable of stemming the tide of death, poverty and starvation that was overwhelming both the core-worlds and the newly founded frontier-worlds.

U.T. worlds revolt

2399 - 2407

In 2399 the Unified Territories began to show cracks, Several of the frontier-worlds began to call for independence. Citing the Territories' rigid government style and debt to the recently emerged trans-stellar corporations as reasons to succeed. The U.T. Responded with an increased military presence in nearly every frontier system, a complex network of Starbases built along major FTL routes and mandatory inspections in orbit of every core-world. To many, despite the U.T.'s obvious advantage of military protection, low taxes, expansive trade routes and somewhat advanced technology, the costs vastly outweighed the benefits.

Dark age of Humanity

2407 - 2473

With no unified government to control them, small regional powers sprung up across the galaxy, the immense greed and corruption of the leaders of these small governments plunged Humanity into chaos. Entire solar systems were destroyed, fleets of powerful capital ships reduced into small pieces of debris, floating eternally in the dark void between the stars. Humanity has yet to see a darker day. This was not the worst of what was to come...

Nova Terran scouts discover the Tannhausarian Imperium


In the year 2445, one of the more powerful factions “New Terra” based on the outer world of “Nova Terra” discovered a long lost vein of Human colonies. But they had changed. They had grown to scorn humanity and her accomplishments. They, unlike humanity, had not fractured. Instead they had formed a wealthy, flexible and technologically advanced society, known as the “Tannhäusarians.”

Human-Tannhausarian War

2445 - 2501

Humanity had united, if only under the banner of war; this was something that had not occurred in centuries. Every human occupied world in the galaxy turned their industry to war; billions of men and women enlisted to fight the threat that loomed over all of humanity. The total of humanity's assembled navy numbered well over seven thousand warships, with nearly twice that in support ships and troop-transports.

Imperial navy bombards Tensai


The planet of Tensai was abandoned in 2447 when the Tannhausarian navy conducted a extensive orbital bombardment, collapsing much of the global cave network.

N.T. attempts to intervene in New Magnitkan civil war, population backlashes


A violent civil war occurred in 2548 in which NanoTrasen attempted to intervene to save their few assets that they still had left. The result was a brutal backlash against NanoTrasen in which the planetary factions united and stormed their facilities. Resulting in billions of credits worth of losses.

Amare shattered by Imperial naval forces


During the opening stages of the Tannhausarian-Human war, Tannhausarian strike fleets arrived in-system and bombarded the former factory planet of the system, shattering the crust of the already frail planet, turning it into the massive field it is today.

Battle of Greenhope, Human forces routed


Human forces had long used Greenhope as a rally point for their strikes into Tannhausarian territory. On 2453, Tannhausarian forces ambushed the battered fleet assembled there and forced a massive retreat

Battle of Epsilon Theta, Pyrrhic victory for Humanity


The Epsilon Theta command post was in the forefront of the Human war effort. The Tannhausarian Imperial navy sent a trio of Praetor class dreadnoughts and inflicted massive causalities, The battle ended when the U.T.E.F.V. Conquistador rammed into the Imperial command ship, forcing the remaining dreadnought into a retreat. Human losses were heavy and the losses were never replaced.

U.T. Annexes Sovereign states of Endymion


The population of Endymion managed to remain independent until the Human-Tannhausarian war when it was one of the first colonies to rejoin U.T, giving it a powerbase in the outer rim and place to repair and refit it's battered fleet. Since then, the U.T. Has began a campaign of orbital construction, while discouraging development on the planet's surface.

Battle over Endymion, Devastating loss for Humanity


The Imperial navy countered the U.T. Annexation of Endymion with a massive strike. Three entire Tannhausarian war fleets of over 300 vessels struck the planet while the defense forces were being refitted.

Slavemasters vanish


20 years before the discovery of Ahdomai by Human explorers. The slavemasters vanished. While the slavemaster's numbers had been shrinking for decades, The last slavemaster mysteriously Disappeared. The Tajaran, ecstatic, yet confused by their sudden abandonment were slow to reform their society due to generations of alien rule.

"Orange rush"

2490 - 2560

The so called, "Orange Rush" occurred after the discovery of Plasma. Ending nearly 70 years later when the sources began to dry out.

Tannhauser bombarded


the fleet took orbit and began a massive orbital bombardment, taking advantage of the failing grid and decimating the planet's surface. The Imperium's military, leaderless and disorganized fell back, The only thing keeping them from total anarchy was the strict discipline forced upon them by the few admirals that remained.

U.T. Annexes Cassiopeian Collective


Cassiopeian collective applies for membership, U.T. council accepts and annexes the Collective

U.T. Annexes Principality of Eridanus


The Principality applies for membership, U.T. council accepts and annexes Eridanus

Human-Tannhäusarian Skirmishes

2507 - 2577

Human-Tannhäusarian skirmishes resume and continue for the rest of the century

Humans make first-contact with the Tajaran species


First contact occurs between U.T.N. scouts and Tajaran refugees

U.T. Annexes Stars' Collective


Star's Collective applies for membership and is quickly annexed

Helium-3 popularized


Syndicate attacks in the Tau Ceti system destroy NSS Exodus


NSV Luna destroyed in syndicate ambush


U.T. Annexes Barium Consortium


New Eden discovered


The E.D.E.N. project vessel E.S.A. Aurora arrived successfully at it's target. After decades of isolation, the New Eden colony was discovered by U.T.N. scout-ships and has since proven to be highly xenophobic. Due to the Human-Tannhausarian war and it's associated effects. The New Eden system is being blockaded by the combined U.T.N. 3rd, 8th and 42nd fleets due to fear of a second war against a Human sub-species.

U.T. constructs outer defense perimiter

2560 - 2577

Syndicate attacks on Tau Ceti central command cripple N.T. Naval assets


N.T. Sells NSS Orion


U.T. Annexes Far Rim Republics


N.T. sells NSS Redemption


New Praetor announced


On July,8th, 2577, massive communications broadcasts rang out from Imperial space, claiming that Tannhauser was being terraformed and that a new Praetor of the Imperium had taken up the reigns of the Imperium. The transmission ended with the new praetor challenging the Unified Territories to attempt to retake Tannhauser

Sweeping of Far oaks, N.T. funded colony destroyed by Syndicate forces


U.T.S Janus completed


U.T. Annexes Nova Terra