Adventures through Agor


Teleport to Atlanta

October 3, 1992

Agor group is transported to Atlanta. Meet Thomas, Rebecca and Mari.

Group leaves Atlanta

October 5, 1992

Everyone except Mari returns to Agor.

Mari leaves Atlanta


Mari leaves Atlanta to join Frederick as he looks for Lucas and Dehlia.

Lucas events

Things that involve Lucas

Lucas born


Lucas was born on a late spring day in "1908" in Agor. This is shortly before Slyde's father came to power.

Lucas meets Thomas and Rebecca


Lucas is sent to Athens by necromancer. Thomas and Rebecca help return him to Agor. He is human. In Agor, Slyde's father has just come to power ("1930's).

Lucas becomes a vampire


Lucas is finally caught by vampires and turned. This happens in "1945" Agor time. It is 1981 in modern Georgia.

Lucas meets Frederick


Lucas meets Frederick, asks for repentance. Tries to become a "good" vampire. 70 years have passed in Agor since Lucas became a vampire. Much less time has passed in Thomas' world.

Lucas meets Axel and Uruvial


Lucas and Frederick meet Axel and Uruvial at the Crying Cat Inn.

Lucas discovers love

October 4, 1992

In the morning, before going to the zoo, Lucas discovers he loves Dehlia.

Lucas and Dehlia kidnapped


Lucas and Dehlia are kidnapped by Molak and Avril's gang.

Lucas and Dehlia escape


Lucas and Dehlia escape with Avril's help.

Lucas trains Dehlia

02/18/1993 - 03/18/1993

Lucas trains Dehlia as a vampire in a cabin. Helps her learn to control herself.

Lucas captured!


Lucas is captured by Roxanne. With Frederick, Marc, and Axel.

Lucas rescued


A-chan rescues Lucas. Also helps Frederick, Axel and Marc.

Rebecca's blindness healed


Frederick heals Rebecca's blindness. Also removes seal of Lucas' gift, restoring her empathetic gift which Lucas gave her years before.

Agor events

landmark dates of Agor

Slyde's father's rule

03/08/1927 - 09/30/1977

Time which Slyde's father was in power. Rule became more tyrannical near the end. High vampire activity in the "fourties."

Period of peace


Period of peace between Slyde's father rule ending and when Slyde slowly rose to power.

Fall of Agor

July 18, 1982 - July 19,1982

Slyde tried to take over Agor, crashed the flying fortress into the city when he was defeated.

Reconstruction of Agor

January 1, 1987

City of Agor begins to rebuilt itself

Solstice ball planning


Marc lets Uruvial plan Solstice ball.

Winter Solstice ball


Winter Solstice ball held at palace. Crashed by Fel Doran's minions.

King becomes puppet


King becomes puppet under Roxanne. Is under mind control, possibly kidnapped/house arrest?

Power transfer

12/22/1992 - 06/21/1993

Gov't power slowly transfers from Marc and king to Roxanne and Fel Doran.

Silent Rebellion


Silent rebellion begins in Agor to puppet king and Roxanne slowly siphoning power towards Fel Doran.

Fel Doran's coup official


Fel Doran officially seizes power (during a solar eclipse on the solstice?)

King rescued!


King is rescued by Dehlia, Frederick, Lucas, Axel, Marc and Avril.

Dehlia events

Dehlia's history

Dehlia is hidden


Dehlia hidden at Crying Cat Inn under Louis' care as a waitress/maid.

Dehlia meets Lucas

October 1, 1992 - October 2, 1992

Dehlia meets Lucas at the Crying Cat Inn

Dehlia becomes vampire

October 4, 1992

Dehlia is turned into vampire to save her after the zoo attack.

Dehlia and Lucas kidnapped


Dehlia and Lucas are kidnapped by Molak and Avril's gang.

Dehlia and Lucas escape


Dehlia and Lucas escape with Avril's help

Dehlia's training

02/18/1993 - 03/18/1993

Dehlia spends time with Lucas in cabin to learn to control her urges as a vampire.

Dehlia captured


Dehlia is captured by Roxanne. With Rebecca, Avril and Thomas.

Dehlia escapes


Dehlia escapes from Roxanne, with Avril and Rebecca.

Dehlia reaches safe house


Dehlia reaches safe house. With Rebecca and Avril.

Axel and Uruvial

the "main" couple

Uruvial discovers pregnancy


Uruvial discovers she is pregnant. She is actually 2.5 months along, due August 3, 1993

Axel captured!


Axel is captured by Roxanne. Held at armory cell with Marc, Lucas and Frederick.

Axel rescued!


A-chan rescues Axel. Also helps Lucas, Frederick, and Marc.

Uruvial has baby


Uruvial has a baby girl. Axel is present. Lucas, Frederick and Marc are safe. Dehlia, Rebecca, Avril are still captured. Thomas has been controlled by Roxanne.

Thomas events

Thomas' history

Thomas meets Lucas again

October 3, 1992

Thomas and Rebecca meet Lucas again, but NONE of them recognize each other. due to repressed memories.

Thomas settles into Agor

10/07/1992 - 10/28/1992

Thomas and Rebecca settle into Agor. Clothing made, jobs found.

Thomas captured!


Thomas is captured by Roxanne. With Dehlia, Avril, and Rebecca.

Rebecca is blinded


Thomas has to stand by while Roxanne blinds his love, Rebecca. Breaking point for him.

Thomas falls to Roxanne


Thomas cannot bear Rebecca being blinded. Succumbs to Roxanne's control to spare his beloved from further pain.

Thomas makes F&L's wanted posters


Thomas makes wanted posters of Frederick and Lucas, about one month after their escape.

Thomas makes posters for M&A


After a few weeks with no leads, Thomas reluctantly makes wanted posters for Marc and Axel.

Thomas rediscovers Rebecca


Thomas discovers Rebecca is safe and can see again. Hope restored.

Avril's past

Avril's history

Avril meets Molak and Roxanne


Avril meets Molak and Roxanne after the fall of Agor.

Avril turncoats


Avril decides to help out the good guys because Molak made her that angry.

Avril hooks up with Marc


Avril decides she'd do well to be the opposite half for Marc.

Avril captured!


Avril is captured by Roxanne. With Dehlia, Rebecca, and Thomas.

Avril escapes!


Avril escapes from Roxanne. With Rebecca and Dehlia.

Avril reaches safe house


Avril reaches safe house. With Dehlia and Rebecca.