The Courses of World War 2


Europe at War

Hitler's plans

09/28/1939 - 09/30/1939

Hitler uses blitzkrieg "lightning war" on Poland. On Sept. 28, 1939 Germany and the Soviet Union split Poland territory.

Hitler's Early Victories

United States

1930 - 1940

The president of the US during WW2 was Franklin D. Roosevelt. During this time the United States was under the strict policy of isolation. One of the many neutrality acts passed. Soon The US supplies Great Britain for the war.

Denmark and Norway

04/09/1940 - 04/10/1940

After the "phony war" Hitler uses blitzkrieg on Denmark and Norway.

Netherlands, Belgium, and France

05/10/1940 - 06/1940

On May 10, Germany attacks The Netherlands, Belgium, and France. This victory was achieved through Luxembourg and the Ardennes Forest. After this victory was acheived for the Germans, Great Britain asks the US for help.

The Battle of Britain

Great Britain

1940 - 1941

Hitler send the Luftwaffe (the German Air force). The British use the Radar System to fight them off. Germany was unsuccessful.

Attack on the Soviet Union

Soviet Union

1940 - 1941

Japan at War

Reasons for Pearl Harbor

1941 - 1942

Most of southeast Asia and the western Pacific was under Japanese rule. Yet Japan needed resources as bad as ever. One big reason for the Pearl Harbor attack. The results of the attack weren't as expected though.

Pearl Harbor

12/07/1941 - 12/08/1941

Japanese aircraft attacks the US naval base at Pearl Harbor. On the same day more assualts were launched on the Philipines and soon towards the British Colony of Malaya.

The Allies Advance

Americans in WW2

1941 - 1943

US joining the war resulted in the grand alliance between US, Great Britain, and The Soviet Union. The axis powers were Germany, Italy, and Japan. The plan was to fight till the Axis powers surrender.

The european + Asian Theater


1942 - 1943

US stops the Japanese invasion of Australia. The battle of Midway Island, US defeats Japan.


1942 - 1943

The german forces finds out itisnt as easy to defeat allies forces. German and Italian forces surrendered to French north Africa. Which leads to the attack on Stalingrad. Hitler knew he couldnt defeat The SU.

Last years of War

Asian theater

1943 - 1945

US bombs hiroshima and nagasaki.

End of the war

1943 - 1945

The axis forces surrenders on May 13, 1943. The allied fores invade Italy. Mussolini is removed from office. German forces move into much of Italy. Finally it falls to the allies on june 4, 1944. Soon the beaches of Normandy are being affected by invasions of the allies powers and so did Paris, and Stalingrad.


1944 - 01/01/1945

Hitler commits suicide after mussolini is shot.