Paths to War


The German Path to War

The First Steps


Hitler announced the creation of a new air force and he began a military draft that would expand Germany's army which violated the Treaty of Versailles.

New Alliances


Germany and Italy sent troops to Spain to help General Francisco Franco in Spanish Civil War. Hitler and Mussolini made an agreement recognizing their common political and economic interests.

Demands and Appeasement


Hitler demanded that Germany be given the Sudetenland. German troops were allowed to occupy the Sudetenland.

Union with Austria


Hitler forced the Austrian chancellor to put Austrian Nazis in charge of the government. Then he annexed Austria to Germany.

Great Britain and France React


Hitler invaded and took control of Bohemia and Moravia in western democracies were weak and would not fight. Nazi Germany controlled Slovakia. France and Britain began political and military negotiations with Stalin. Great Britain offered to protect Poland in war.

Hitler and the Soviets


Germany and the Soviet Union signed the Nazi-Soviet Nonaggression Pact. Both nations promised not to attack each other. Hitler offered Stalin control of eastern Poland and Baltic States but he broke his promise when he announced the pact where gave Hitler the freedom to attack Poland. Germany invaded Poland and then Great Britain and France declared war on Germany.

The Japanese Path to War

Manchuria was seized by japanese


Japanese soldiers had seized Manchuria for the natural resources that Japan needed.

War with China


The Japanese seized the Chinese capital of Nanjing.

The New Asian Order


In that summer, Japan demanded the right to exploit economic resources in French Indochina. Japan wanted raw materials from Southeast Asia but would risk war with Europe and the U.S. and so Japan's military leaders decided to launch surprise attack on U.S. and European colonies in Southeast Asia.