The Cold War


Potsdam Conferance


Truman and Stalin disagree on free elections for the eastern European countries, this is wrong that they don't get a say in the GOVt. It seems capitalism and Communism can not coexsist and it also appears Stalin just wants all the power he can get.

Yalta Conference


United States, USSR, and GBR meet. They agree to divide Germany and Stalin seems to only agree if it all goes his way. What is his deal!


1947 - 1991

We wanted to stop the spread of the evil communist ideals. It worked some what but some countries fell under the evil rule.


1947 - 1991

The U.s was on the brink of war at any second. We were not afraid to destroy the pitiful Russians at the click of a switch.

Marshall Plan

1948 - 1951

United states gives aid to European countries so they can restart their economy. This probably helped numerous countries from falling under communism.

Formation of NATO


Since the Soviet was starting to get their arms race up the only safe reaction was to sign a pact with other European countries and Canada to help each other form the Communists

Explosion of Joe 1


The Soviets blow up their own atomic bomb in an attempt to scare the U.S. We will show them who is boss!The United states counteracts and starts the race to nuclear weapons.

Korean War

1950 - 1953

The 38th parallel is the line that separates the good south Koreans and the corrupt north Koreans. The Soviets aid North Korea to take over the whole peninsula the UN reacts and send troops to help South Korea out. The war is set at a cease fire and the borders are redrawn around the 38th parallel. 4 million people die.

Domino Theory


The theory that the evil communism ideals will spread once each country falls to it. It will only bring more countries with it when they fall. The Marshall plan should help stop it.

Formation of the Warsaw pact


The Soviets were scared of NATO so made their own alliance with western European countries. The countries include the USSR, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, and Albania.

Suez Canal Crisis


Egypt and Israel fight over the Suez Canal. The allies helped Israel out but this was not a smart move so the United states pressured the allies to pull out and let Egypt control it.

Iron Curtain

1957 - 1991

The Iron curtain separated the filthy communists from the democratic Western world. It was not a real curtain.

Sputnik Launched

August, 1957

Those Soviets think they are superior because they launched the first unmanned satellite but don't worry, the United States are right behind.

Vietnam war

November 1, 1957 - April 30, 1973

We back up our allies to contain the communists from controlling all of Vietnam. The pesky viatnemise were gradually turning on us. After many years Nixon thankfully took the final troops out. The war did not have a positive impact on us and South Vietnam was soon overrun making the republic of Vietnam

Cuban Missile Crisis

July, 1962

The sneaky USSR snuck nuclear missiles into the Cuban nation. This could have been a problem for them to have missiles so close to our home. So we ordered them to take them out.


1970 - 1972

RIchard Nixon wanted to just forget about the unreasonable Ussr so he started the DETENTE. Nixon agreed this with Brezhnev. This relieved tension and the SALT treaty would soon follow.

SALT talks


Nixon knew he would blow the USSR off the face of the world if they went to war so he felt bad and decided to propose the SALT treaty- (Strategic Arms Limitation Talks). This limited the number of arms each country could have. USA and Ussr signed in addition to 33 others

Invasion of Afghanistan


USSR invades after they overreact to Muslim revolt. The United states wanted the middle east to stay in control of their rightful land. The Afghan rebels out maneuvered the inexperienced soviet troops. We aided the Afghans by sending money and weaponry to help them defend their land. We also boycotted the 1908 Moscow Olympics and stopped U.S grain ships from going to USSR

reagan's strategic defence initiative


Reagan was defensive against the unstable Russians, he set up a defensive plan to guard from a soviet attack. He was always on the guard for the unpredictable soviets.

Soviet Union

The Iron Curtain

January 1, 1945 - December 31, 1991

The wall that divides the great Communist nations from those Democratic dogs.

Yalta Conference

February 1, 1945 - February 28, 1945

The Yalta conference was the meeting between Winston Churchill, FDR, and Joseph Stalin and it was determined that all lands conquered by the Soviet Union will be allowed to remain under communist control, because we did all of the work to clear the Germans out of the area. Also, we were in the original 50 countries within the United Nations.

Potsdam Conference

July 1, 1945 - July 31, 1945

The meeting at Potsdam, Germany where Harry Truman and Churchill pestered our leader, Stalin, with ideas of allowing free elections in our portion of Europe. Our leader stood fast with his ideals and stated that communism and capitalism could not exist in the same world.


January 1, 1947 - December 31, 1991

The foreign policy by those Democratic dogs to try and contain the spread of communism. Obviously it failed.


January 1, 1947 - December 31, 1991

The system that both the democratic dogs and the superior Soviets used to see how close one can get to war without actually starting it.

Marshall Plan

1948 - 1951

The Marshall Plan was the stupid assistance program created by the United States to give aid to needy European countries. It was necessary because Western Europe was in ruins, unlike the perfect East Europe. We can take care of our countries, unlike the democratic nations to the West.

Explosion of Joe 1

January 1, 1949 - December 31, 1949

Our great scientists had finally created our own Atomic Bomb, but the entire world is mad at us. The United States can drop a bomb and citizens and get in no trouble, but when we test one we're the bad guys? This is serious poop!

Formation of NATO

January 1, 1949 - December 31, 1949

Those Western countries, including the US and Canada, decided to group up and create a new group for themselves, called the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, short for NATO. Those Westerners think they're the only ones that can join together? We can too!

Domino Theory

January 1, 1949 - December 31, 1991

The theory that states that if our amazing form of government is taken up by one nation, that others around it will follow. And of course they will, because communism it just that good.

The Korean War

June 25, 1950 - July 1952

We had supplied the N. Koreans with weapons, tanks, airplanes, and money for their frontal assault. The Koreans and Chinese crossed the 38th parallel (the division for the countries) in a surprise attack on South Korea and we were so close to the capital but South Korea, with the help of that General MacFarter, decided to counter attack and almost captured all of North Korea. We eventually had to sign a cease fire between the two countries.

Formation of the Warsaw Pact

January 1, 1955 - December 31, 1955

Those Westerners decided to gang up on us?! We can gang up too! So we created the Warsaw Pact, so now not only is it just us, but East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, and Albania.

Suez Canal Crisis

January 1, 1956 - December 31, 1956

Our buddies in Egypt decided to take the Suez Canal from those democrats in Great Britain. After a minor conflict, we decided to step in and make sure that the Egyptians kept control of the canal.

Sputnik Launched

October 4, 1957 - October 5, 1957

YES! FIRST!!!! We finally launched Sputnik into space with our ICBMs! Take that America!

The Vietnam War

November 1, 1957 - April 30, 1973

So apparently N. Vietnam can't try and unite Vietnam under the Communist banner to make it a better place. N. Vietnam, along with me and my buddy China tried to back them up. The USA decided to try and back up S. Vietnam, but we destroyed them with our Vietcong. We eventually signed a peace treaty, but we attacked S. 'Nem after the Americans left.

The Cuban Missle Crisis

July 1, 1962 - July 31, 1962

So apparently the United States can have nukes in Turkey, but as soon as we placed them in Cuba, WE'RE the bad guys. This is ridiculous. They won't even let our ships INTO Cuba to get the nukes out! Dang Americans in everyones business. Harassing innocent Cuba. Leave them and their 50's alone!


1972 - 1977

So Nixon decided to be a little wimp and try to relieve tensions with our great leader, Brezhnev. Our leader decided to play along so the Americans would weaken their military. Eventually, he signed the S.A.L.T I Treaty (Strategic Arms Limitation Talks).

S.A.L.T. Talks

January 1,1972 - December 31, 1972

Our great leader Behzhnev decided to sign the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks with Nixon to lower the amount of ICBM's and submarine nuclear missiles that we could have.

The Invasion of Afghanistan

January 1, 1979 - December 31, 1979

So these Afghanies think they can get rid of their Communist government? Nu uh! So we decided to invade them! But those stupid Americans decided to fund the local Taliban with weapons and money. They would not have had a chance without the Americans! At least those Americans got what was coming to them!

Regan's Strategic Defense Initative

January 1, 1983 - December 31, 1983

This was the announcement of Regan to create the SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative) to counter any of our missiles that we launched (not that we would). It was never completed, however it remained a symbol to spite us. However, their defenses could never counter our Butterfly Drive and the Red October.