Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle



May 22, 1859

Arthur was born on May 22, 1859, in Edinburgh, Scotland to his father Charles Altamont Doyle and mother Mary Foley Doyle. In a family one of ten children but only seven lived past childhood. He was the third child of his huge family.

Enrolls into Jesuit Boarding School


After Arthur turn nine years old was enrolled into Jesuit Boarding School in England by few members of the rich part of Doyle family who pay it off for him.

Graduating Boarding School


Arthur graduated at the Jesuit Boarding School at the age seventeen years of age.

Arctic Circle Adventure


Arthur went on an adventure on Arctic Circle trip on a whaling boat called The Hope during his third year of medical studies as ship's surgeon. There on his adventure gave him an idea so he wrote a chilling tale called Captain of the Pole-Star.

Graduated University of Edinburgh


When he graduated from University of Edinburgh, he obtained his Bachelor of Medicine and Master of Surgery.

Married Louisa

August 1885

Arthur had fallen love and married Louisa Hawkins in August of 1885.

Study in Scarlet published


Arthur writes the first Sherlock Holmes mystery detective story called The Study in Scarlet that catapulted him into fame

The Sign of Four


Arthur gotten his second story called The Sign of Four published in England and United States.

abandon medical career


He gotten really sick from being Arthur and Doctor at the same time so he got an idea that it was better he gave up on his medical career so he can be full pledge Arthur and also get some free time.

The Final Problem

December 1893

The Final Problem was the last Sherlock Holmes story was published in the Strand Magazine after that it had lost more than half of its viewers. The Final Problem written for Arthur wanted to get rid of Sherlock Holmes by basing it on a trip to Switzerland. In the Final Problem was Both Sherlock Holmes and Professor Moriarty plunged to their deaths at the Reichenbach Falls.

Tour trip to America


Arthur went on Trip to America and gave talks in more than 30 cities across America.

Trip to Egypt


Louisa was diagnosed with Tuberculosis although she was given few months to live but Arthur wanted to kept her live until stating of the new century. He thought warmer weather would do her good so he toke Louisa on a trip to Egypt.

Medical Doctor in Africa

February 1900

When the Boer War started, Arthur wanted to volunteer as a solider but he was little over age and weight. So he became a volunteer Medical Doctor in Africa.

The Great Boer War

October 1900

There in Africa Arthur wrote and published a five hundred page chronicle called the Great Boer War was a masterpiece of military scholarship. It about the war and also the highly intelligent and well-informed commentary about some of organizational shortcomings of the British forces at the same time.

First Play of Sherlock Holmes


Arthur wrote his first play about Sherlock Holmes. His play became a triumphant in both United States and England by help of a very successful american actor named William Gillette.

The hound of the Baskervilles

October 1901

The Hound of the Baskervilles published in the Strand Magazine.

Arthur was Knighted


King Edward VII knighted Arthur for his service in the Boer War. King Edward was a Sherlock Holmes fan had ask Arthur to continue writing Sherlock Stories.

The Return of Sherlock Holmes


The Return of Sherlock Holmes was published in the Strand Magazine.

Louisa Dies

July 4, 1906

Louisa died in Arthur's arms on July 4, 1906. they had two children one daughter and son.

Married Jean Leckie

September 18, 1907

Arthur married his second wife named Jean Leckie. They both got married publicly of 250 guests on September 18, 1907

The case of Oscar Slater


After Louisa's death put he depression for many months. The way he got out of it by Playing detective and solved a real case of miscarriage of justice. The case was about a man who was convicted of slashing a number of horses and cows but had bad eyesight. So he wrote and published the Case of Oscar Slater given a detail summary of that affair.

His Last Bow


Arthur wrote and published his first propaganda Sherlock Holmes story of Sherlock Holmes vanquishing a German spy-ring.

The British and French Front


Arthur was given permission to visit the British and French Front while writing a book called the British Campaign inFrance and Flanders.

Angina Pectoris


Arthur Was diagnosed with Angina Pectoris.


July 7,1930

Arthur died from a heart attack on Monday, July July 7, 1930 surrounded by his family: his second wife Jean and his four out of five children. Kingsley his son of first wife died during World War two. Other Children his daughter Mary of his first wife, Denis, Adrian and Lena Jean.