Ch.21.2 The Triumphs of a Crusade by: Justine Carter


Integrating Ole Miss


air force james meredith won a federal court case taht allowed him to enroll in the ail- white University of Mississippi, nicknamed Ole miss.

Heading into Birmingham


King flew into Birmingham to hold a planning meeting with memebers of the african american community. "This is the most segregated city in America," he said. "We have to stick together if we ever want to change its ways."

The dream Of Equality


on August 28. 1963, more than 250,000 people-including about 75,000 whites- converged on the nation's Capital.

Kennedy Takes A Stand


On June 11,1963 the president sent troops to force Governor Geroge Wallace to honor a court order desegregating the University Of Alabama.

A New Political Party


Fannie Lou Hamer, the daughter of Mississippi sharecroppers, would be their voice at the 1964 emocratic National Convention.

More Voilence


On July 2, 1964, Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibited discrimination because of race, religion, national origin, and gender.

Freedom Summer


in june of 1964, three civil rights workers disappeared in Neshoba Country, Mississippi. Investigators later learned that Klansmen and local police had murdered the men, two of whom were white.

Voting Rights Act Of 1965


during that summer congress finally passed johnson's Voting Rights Act of 1965. the act eliminated the so-called literacy tests that had disqualified many voters.

The Selma Campaign


the SCLC conducted a major voting rights campaign in Selma, Alabama, where SNCC had been working for two years to register voters. On march 7, 1965 about 600 protesters set out foe Montgomery.