Key Theologians

Theologians during the Patristic Period c.100-c.700


Justin Martyr

100 AD - 165 AD

Irenaeus of Lyons

130 AD - 200 AD


150 AD - 215 AD

Clement of Alexandria

150 AD - 215 AD


185 AD - 254 AD


200 AD - 258 AD


250 AD - 336 AD

-Arian controversy: scriptural titles for Christ that suggest equality with God were merely courtesy titles
-Jesus was to be regarded as a created being although on a level above other created beings


293 AD - 373 AD

Council of Nicea

325 AD - 326 AD

Convened by Constantine to settle Christological disagreements in his empire
-an assembly of Bishops from entire Christian world
-settle Arian controversy by affirming Jesus was homoousios

Gregory of Nazianzus

329 AD - 389 AD

Gregory of Nyssa

330 AD - 395 AD

Basil the Great

330 AD - 379 AD

Augustine of Hippo

354 AD - 430 AD

Council of Chalcedon

451 AD - 452 AD

Agreed Council of Nicea - settled new debates over the humanity of Christ

The Radical Reformation (Anabaptism)

1498 AD - 1527 AD

Main character: Small group incl. Conrad Grebel c.1498-1526
Purpose: only those who had made a personal, public profession of faith should be baptized.

The Swiss Reformation

1509 AD - 1510 AD

Not sure of the dates here!!
Main character: John Calvin
Purpose: Reform of morals and worship of the church

The German Reformation (Lutheranism)

1522 AD - 1523 AD

Haven't found the end of this reformation yet!!!
Main character: Martin Luther
Purpose: Luther wrote 95 theses protesting the selling of indulgences to raise money for the rebuilding of St. Peter's basilica in Rome

The English Reformation (Anglicanism)

1527 AD - 1559 AD

Main character: King Henry VIII
Purpose: The Pope refused to dissolve or annul his marriage which would allow him to remarry. Authority of church shifted from papal to monarchy

The Catholic Reformation

1545 AD - 1546 AD

Council of Trent was organized to counter the reformation; done by reforming itself from within

The Reformations