3D Printing

The history of 3D printing from it's invention to today


3D Printing developments

Invention of 3D Printing


Charles "Chuck" Hull invented the first form of 3D printing - Stereolithography

The term Stereolithography is coined

11 March 1986

Hull coined the term Stereolithography when he patented his new system

First 3D Printer is Built


The first Stereolithographic Apparatus (SLA) is made by 3D Systems

First 3D printed organ


The first ever 3D organ, a bladder, is created with the patient's own cells. This means that there is little chance of the organ being rejected by the body

Working 3D Printed Organs


A miniture kidney is created that can filter blood and produce diluted urine in an animal.

3D Printing in Multiple Materials


Objet ( a 3D systems and materials provider) develop a machine that can print in multiple materials

SLS Invented and Used for Mass Customisation


The Selective Laser Sintering machine is built and allows for mass customisation in manufacturing industrial parts

First Usable Prosthetic Leg


A prosthetic leg is created with a complex structure that requires no assembly. This opens the doorway to customised prosthetic limbs

3D Printed Blood Vessels


Innovative bioprinting company, Organovo, creates the first blood vessel to be bioprinted

Printing Gold and Silver


Printing Service, i.materialise, starts offering 14K gold and sterling silver as a printable material.