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Founding of Rome

753 BC

by Romulus and Remus

First Compromise

494 BC

First compromise of the Struggle of the Order Tribune of the Plebs (gave 5 tribunes and protected Plebians against false arrest of the Patricians)

Alliance with the states on the plains of Latium

493 bc

Council of the Plebs

471 BC

Made their own laws of the Plebs but the laws weren't written down so they can be changed

Twelve Tables

450 BC

Decemviri published the Twelve Tables-got ticked off because laws made it worse (worse one was intermarriage because now they can't marry into upper class)

Canuleian Law

445 BC

allowed intermarriage

Latin states revolt

440 bc

Licinian-Sextan Law

367 BC

one consul CAN be pled (not required)

Appenine Mts. - Samnites

343 bc - 290 bc

Roman confederation

338 bc

wealthy got full citizenship

Hortensian Law

287 BC

Plebescitas are for EVERYONE and this was done by compromise (no bloodshed)

Rome vs. Italian allies

90 BC - 88 BC

The End of the Roman Empire

476 ad


1st Punic War

264 BC - 241 BC

2nd Punic War

218 BC - 201 BC

3rd Punic War

149 BC - 146 BC

The Fall

The fall of the Roman Republic

133 BC - 131 BC

Crisis of the Third Century

235 AD - 284 AD



14 AD - 37 AD

He was a military commander who ruled from Capri
His strengths:delineated responsibility to others, consistent
His weakness: no sense of morality


37 AD - 41 AD

Known as "little boots," he was a national hero who lost his mind and had no interest in being a god or running government.


41 AD - 54 AD

Uncle of Caligula, he was handicapped and was a stutterer. He was dedicated to the law


54 AD - 68 AD

He is the son of the power hungry Agrippina. His tutor was Seneca. His dream was to become an actor, singer, dancer, horse racer. He loves mugging people and he was eventually executed by Praetorian Guard.


Year of the Four Emperors

69 AD

In the year 69 AD, the four emperors consisted of:
Galba, Otho, Vitellius and Vespasian

Alaric: the VIsigoths

410 AD

Attila the Hun

452 AD


455 AD


476 AD

Replaced the last Caesar
"end of the empire" - Edward Gibbon