Edgar Allan Poe's Life

Life and Publishing dates



Jan 19, 1809

Edgar Allan Poe is born in Boston to an actor and a singer under the name of Edgar Poe. The two were named Elizabeth Arnold Poe and David Poe, Jr. The Couple already had one son named Henry.

Sister is Born

Dec 10, 1810

Poe’s sister, Rosalie, is born. Shortly after her birth Poe’s father left Elizabeth leaving her with three kids to raise and soon she falls ill with tuberculosis.

Taken in by Allans

1811 - 1826

Living with the Allan wasn't that bad. He saw them as real parents and love Mrs. Allan. But when she got ill Poe and Mr. Allan hit a ruff patch and started to hate each other.

Mother's Death

Dec 8, 1811

Elizabeth dies of tuberculosis and days later so does David, leaving the children to be orphaned. Henry went to grandparents, Rosalie went to a family named Mackenzie, and Poe was taken in by a family with the name of Allen.


Jun 22, 1815 - 1820

Edgar and the Allans move to England where Edgar receives proper education. Here he receives knowledge of math, English, and French.


Jul 27, 1820

After five years of taking classes in England Poe is brought back to the states to Richmond, Virginia. Here he continues his studies.


Feb 14, 1826 - Mar 1827

In college, Poe took a passion in art and writing. It wasn't known at the time whether he would become a famous writer or a famous artist. The University of Virginia was filled with crime. There was an instant where a student who got his arm bitten fourteen time had to get the tissue removed because it was dead.

Poe Starts College

Feb 14, 1826

Poe starts college, enrolling in the University of Virginia. This was mainly because Mrs. Allan was sick and dying so Mr. Allan wanted Edgar gone so he could be promiscuous.

Leaves College

Mar 1827

Poe leaves college because of massive debt and having no support from Mr. Allan. He move to Baltimore with relatives, cousin, Virginia, and aunt, Maria Clemm.

Enters Army

May 27, 1827

Poe Enters the Army as a private and quickly rises in the ranks. He entered under the name Edgar A. Perry, this being the first time he used the name Allan.

Mrs. Allen Dies of TB

Feb 28, 1829

Edgar takes leave to see her before her death but was only able to be there at the funeral. By her wishes, he tried to make amends with Mr. Allan whom gets him into West Point

West Point

Apr 15, 1829

Poe enters the Military academy of West Point, excelling while under its structure. In this time he publishes his next book Al Aaraaf, Tamberlane, and Other Stories.

Becoming a Writer


Poe Leaves West Point by being court-marshaled and decides to pursue his dreams of becoming a writer. He published a couple of poems anonymously around this time but none where that popular.

Brother Dies

Aug 1, 1831

Henry dies of Tuberculosis becoming the third loved one to die of TB. Henry is not the last or most traumatic by far.

Working As an Editor

Dec 1835

Edgar gets a job working as a editor of the Southern Literary Messenger magazine. This being his first real job besides writing. He publishes critical reviews of others works and some small Poems.


May 16, 1836

Poe was now 27 and Virginia was only 13 when they got married. This was peculiar not only because of the age but also because of her being his cousin. Still they were the happiest couple together.

Burton's Gentleman's Magazine

Jul 1839 - June 1840

While living in Philadelphia now, he gets a job editing a newspaper called the Burton's Gentleman's Magazine. He keeps the job for almost a year.

Editing Again

Apr 1841 - May 1842

Poe takes a new job as editor of Graham's Magazine. This magazine publishes his short story Murders in the Rue Morgue a huge success and the first ever detective story.

Virginia Falls ill

Jan 1842

While singing at the piano She spits up blood, a sigh of TB. Edgar knew that this meant death for his wife. She would get worse over the years.


Nov 1843

Poe takes up giving lecturers to pay the bills and becomes very popular. Poe would normally give them to large audiences. Being southern he was accustom to entertaining.

New York

Apr 1844

Poe, Wife, and step mother move to New York so that he may get a job at the New York Evening Mirror.

Broadway Journal

1845 - Jan 3, 1846

The Raven brought so much success that Poe was able to become the owner of his own magazine; The Broadway Journal. This was a failure from the start but it was a dream of Poe's.

Virginia Dies

January 30, 1847

Losing his wife sends Poe on a path of depression that causes him to drink and mope around. He even writes a poem to memorizes her called "Anna Lee"

Sarah Helen Whitman

Nov 1848

After some time of morning and drinking Poe decides he needs a partner. He asked Sarah Helen Whitman to marry him, she agreed but only if he gave up drinking. Poe decided to pursue other options.

Elmira Royster Shelton

Aug 1849

Poe convinces Elmira Royster Shelton, his childhood sweet heart, to marry him. He even joins a Group to help him with his alcohol dependence. Sadly he does not rid him self of the addiction and he then goes to Baltimore to meet his demise.


October 7, 1849

After being found in a gutter with someone else's clothes on, Poe is taken to a near by hospital. Edgar Allan Poe dies in the hospital of unknown causes. Right before dying he said, "God help my poor soul." There is much mystery behind Edgar Allan Poe's death; one being that he was involved in some political voting scandal where they dress you as a different person and have you vote multiple times after drugging and poisoning them.

Poems and Stories

First Poem Writen

Nov 1824

Edgar writes his first known poem. This is his first instance of taking an interest in poetry. In school Poe was very competitive, he excelled in many sports and studies in an effort to stand above the rest.

Tamerlane and Other Poems

July 1827

This is his first published book of poems.

Al Aaraaf


This is the longest poem that Edgar has ever written and it is based on stories from the Qur'an. It tells of the afterlife in the place called Al Aaraaf. Poe had used this poem in later years to trick a group who thought that good art was made currently and not in the past.

The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym

Jul 1838

This was Poe's first and only complete novel. The Theme in this book is the theme of his life and his other books, Death.

Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque


This two volumed book contained one of his most successful stories, The Fall of The House of Usher. A story that still shakes the spines of its readers.

The Murders in the Rue Morgue,


This creates a new genre called a detective story. A story where the Main character uses reasoning to solve crimes that seemed impossible. This story featured a monkey that murdered people with a straight razor.

The Balloon Hoax


Poe trick tons of people with this fake article about a flying machine that crosses the Atlantic in six days. Thousands buy the paper and hundreds believed it.

The Raven


After this poem, Poe gets the fame he deserved. This is his most popular poem by far and has a deeper meaning. It tells of the future of how he will be morning Virginia just lie the man in the story morns over Lenore