ADP Translation Schedule


Sprint 1

05/29/2013 - 06/11/2013

Sprint 2

06/12/2013 - 06/25/2013

Sprint 3

06/26/2013 - 07/09/2013

Sprint 4

07/10/2013 - 07/23/2013

Note, some releases will be only 3 sprints long

Client Testing

07/24/2013 - 08/06/2013

Active development is done. The code is promoted to a client access testing environment.

ADP Translation Activity

Export Created


Export is created and sent to Transperfect
Currently this export is in XML format

Translations Imported


Translated files from Transperfect are imported back into the application and built into an externally accessable environment.

Fixes Imported

08/01/2013 - 08/06/2013

The fixes found during translation testing are imported back into the application.

Transperfect Activity


07/10/2013 - 07/23/2013

Translation of the new and changed text is done.


07/24/2013 - 07/30/2013

3 accounts will be seutp for Transperfect testers to use in the externally accessable environment.
A LiveMeeting session will be held to guide the Tramsperfect testers throught the app. This could last a few days.

Fixes & Recommendations


Fixes and recommended changes are prepared and sent to ADP


Release to Production