French Guiana


French settlement begins


This is just the beginning of Frances interest in the country

Cayenne is captured by the Dutch

1658 - 1676

Retaken by France, who are then forced to take stronger control. During this period England attempted to seize control also.

Treaty of Utrecht signed


Set uop the modern day lines of French Guiana and Brazil.

Slavery Abolished


Slavery of African's had become more prominant. Was abolished in 1794.

Slavery Reinstated


Slaves were legally kept within the country.

Portugese and British occupy during Napoleonic Wars

1809 - 1815

Authority restored to France by 1815.

Beginning of French Penal colony

1852 - 1946

Devil's island would be used for ver 100 years as a place for France's criminals.

Split into two territories

1930 - 1946

The country was split into the inner terrritories, the Inini, and the Guiana on the coast. Split in hopes that the economy would thrive. Failed and became one again in 1946.

Space station built


France hoped to start their own space travel base and built it in French Guiana due to better conditions.

First Moom Mission


The French space agency begins making more leaps in space travel.