10 Civil War Major Events


New President

November 1860

Abraham Lincoln, an opponent of slavery is elected, unsettling the south states with slavery.


January 1861 - February 1861

South Carolina first secedes, prompting 10 other states to secede as well and creating a new government, forming the Confederate States of America. They soon attacked and captured Fort Sumter in South Carolina.

Bull Run

July 21, 1861

The first major land battle and the first battle of Bull Run where the south takes victory over the north.

Ironclad Warfare

March 1862

The first ironclad battle in history, after a daylong battle the Merrimac withdraws resulting in a draw.

Bull Run Round 2

August 1862

Another battle in Bull Run, where the south takes yet another victory


September 1862

Lee is heavily outnumbered in the battle having to retreat in the end with 23,000 casualties.

Atlanta To Savannah

September 1864 - December 1864

Gen. Sherman sends his troops on a destructive 300 mile charge using the "scorched earth" tactic in order to break the will of the south.

War Finally Over

April 9, 1865

Lee surrenders to Grant at Appomattox Court House, Virginia, not wanting his soldiers to suffer anymore

Emancipation Proclamation

September 23, 1962

Abraham declares that all slaves in rebel states would be set free on 1/1/63

Largest Battle in the West

July 1963

The battle of Gettysburg, one of the largest battles in the western hemisphere takes place. After 3 days of battle there are over 50,000 casualties.