hestory of west plains

west plains hestery

first settler in west plains

1839 - 1879

west plains first settler was a hunter named adams

bought blackburn thoma's store

1876 - 1885

the black burn was built in 1876 and burned down in 1885

how west plaINS BEGAN

1880 - 1883

WEST PLAINS WAS CALLED BOOM TOWN not west plains when west plains stayed out of the civil war it had been taken and renamed it west plains

before it was west plains

1882 - 1884

before it was west plains it was called boom town

the railroad

1885 - 1889

the railroad took four years to make

the bank

1889 - 1928

the bank was built in 1889

the howell county gazette building

1911 - 1912

the Howell county gazette building was made for news to get out and

the dance hall explosion

1928 - 1929

one of the buildings destroyed in the dance hall explosion