Palestine during the Mandate

Chapter 2


World War I begins

August 1914

Ottoman Empire enters war on side of Germany

November 1914

Damascus Protocol

May 1915

Hussein-McMahon Correspondence

July 1915 - March 1916

Sykes-Picot Agreement

May 1916

Arab revolt begins

June 1916

Balfour Declaration

November 1917

Allenby captures Jerusalem

December 1917

Meetings between Feisal and Weizmann

1918 - 1919

Declaration to the Arab 7

June 1918

King-Crane commission report

August 1919

Arab attacks on Jerusalem & Jaffa

1920 - 1921

Arab nationalist congress proclaims Feisal king of Greater Syria

March 1920

San Remo conference assigns mandate for Palestine to Great Britain

April 1920

Feisal expelled from Syria by French; established as king of Iraq by GB

July 1920

Treaty of Sevres

August 1920

Haganah formed


Haycraft investigation

February 1921 - May 1921

Churchill suggests Transjordan be administered separately w/in Palestine

March 1921

Abdullah established as emir (prince)

March 1921

Hajj Amin al-Husseini appointed mufti of Jerusalem

April 1921

by Sir Herbert Samuel, high commissioner. Hajj is also appointedh ead of Supreme Moslem Council

British White Paper reaffirms Balfour Declaration

June 1922

limits Jewish immigration to economic absorptive capacity of country

Palestine Mandate ratified by League of Nations

July 1922

includes Balfour Declaration; provides for separate development of Transjordan

Transjordan exempt from Balfour Dec.

Sept. 1922

Hebrew University Opens

June 1925

Riots at Western (Wailing) Wall and Massacre of Jews in Jerusalem, Safed, Hebron

August 1929

Shaw Commission Report

March 1930

Hope-Simpson Report & Passfield White Paper

October 1930

halt Jewish immigration and land sales

MacDonald letter negates White Paper

February 1931

Arab rebellion in Palestine

1936 - 1939

Arab Higher Committee formed

April 1936

Evian-les-Bains Refugee Conference

July 1938

White Paper restricts Jewish land purchases & immigration

May 1939

World War II begins

September 1, 1939

Biltmore Declaration

May 1942

Jewish state in entire Palestine

Allied victory at el-Alamein

November 1942