Peru History


Native Indians build settlements

1250 B.C.

This is when Peru was first discovered and inhabited. It is when Peru started to form.

Earthquake in Lima


The entire capital was gone, destroyed. 6 thousand people died, and the country had to completely rebuild their capital.



It is when Peru became a country.

Slavery Abolished


The president, Ramon Castilla abolished slavery. All people were now free.

Peruvian Spanish War


The severity of the Peruvian army was established, and Spain finally recognized Peru's independence.

War with Chile


Peru went to Chile to aid partners, Bolivia. Due to this war they lost many people and land.

War of Independence

1910 - 1924

This is the war the made Peru free, and made them a country.

No More Dictatorship


After a 20 year dictatorship, Peru finally emerged and the country gained more rights.

El Nino


This causes droughts for some parts of the country and flooding for other parts. This causes some major problems for Peru's economy, and is part of the reason their economy is what it is today.

Treaty with Ecuador


Peru and Ecuador sign a treaty ending their 57 year border dispute. Peru can now spend money elsewhere, and doesn't have to worry about war.