From Ponyland to Equestria: A history of My Little Pony


My Pretty Pony

1981 - 1983

My Pretty Pony is a 10-inch-tall pony doll, introduced by Hasbro in 1981, and promoted and marketed as a toy for young girls. The original My Pretty Pony was designed for Hasbro's Romper Room line of toys by illustrator Bonnie Zacherle, working with sculptor Charles Muenchinger. In 1983, Zacherle began working for Hasbro directly, and My Pretty Pony was moved to Hasbro, reduced in size and renamed to My Little Pony. [1] The popularity of My Little Pony quickly eclipsed the original, and the toy franchise became known as My Little Pony. My Pretty Pony was not continued after the original 1981 toy sold out


1983 - 1995

EUR run of G1


1983 - 1992

First gen of my little pony

My Little Pony TV Special aka "Rescue at Midnight Castle"/"Firefly's Adventure

1/1/1984 - 1/2/1984

first movie came out pilot to the tv series. In 1984, My Little Pony made her television debut in a half-hour special and featured the ponies from Year 2. It was simply called "My Little Pony", but went by the title "Rescue At Midnight Castle" as a "My Little Pony" two-part episode. The special was then released uncut on video in Year 9 and called "Firefly's Adventure" and came with a new Firefly. It was previously released on video, but only for rental. This is the first time you see a human girl in the series, a girl named Megan.

My Little Pony "Escape From Catrina" TV Special

1/1/1985 - 1/2/1985

My Little Pony's next TV special aired in 1985 and featured the ponies from Year 3. On the video package, several mistakes were made, including picturing ponies and other characters who were not in the special (Spike was even pictured with wings!) and naming Baby Surprise as the pony captured by Catrina, rather than Baby Moondancer.

My Little Pony n Friends

1986 - 1987

In 1986, My Little Pony had her own television show. It was actually called "My Little Pony 'n Friends" and consisted of three other Hasbro/Sunbow-produced shows. The show was half-hour long with the first half being a 15 minute My Little Pony episode, and then an episode of either "Glo Friends", "Potato Head Kids", and later, "Moondreamers." Many episodes were two to four parts long; there was even one that was ten parts long - "The End of Flutter Valley", which was a sequel "My Little Pony": The Movie". The series aired in syndication beginning in the fall of 1986 and continued into 1987 with new episodes.
The first set of episodes featured many of the ponies from Year 4 including So Soft Ponies, Twinkle-Eyed Ponies, Baby Ponies with Beddy-Bye Eyes, Flutter Ponies, and Pretty 'n Pearly Baby Sea Ponies. Each Little Pony had her own unique personality - Lickety Split was quick-tempered, Fizzy was an airhead, Wind Whistler was logical and scholarly, Shady was shy and self-conscious, Heart Throb was a hopeless romantic, Gusty was athletic and confident, Galaxy was level-headed, Truly was a southern belle, Paradise was a dreamer, North Star spoke with an English accent, Whizzer was quick and talked fast, Posey had her own garden, Baby Ribbon had trouble winking in, Morning Glory and Honeysuckle always argued, and many more. Friends of My Little Pony included Megan, Molly, Danny, Spike, the Moochick, and the Bushwoolies, who were all seen previously. The Little Ponies, of course, lived in Dream Valley in their new Paradise Estate with the babies continuing to live in the Lullabye Nursery and performing in the They encountered several friends and enemies from all over Ponyland. The Little Ponies depended on each other and their friends to fight against evil forces who attempted to take over Ponyland as well as just sharing everyday experiences in their magical land.
In 1987, new episodes followed with similar storylines but new ponies from Year 5 including the Princess Ponies, the First Tooth Baby Ponies, the Newborn Twins (Milkweed & Tumbleweed and Sniffles & Snookums), Locket, Twilight, and Mimic. They also had treats at the new Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe.
This My Little Pony series later aired in the Disney Channel with a new series called "My Little Pony Tales."

My Little Pony: the Movie

1/1/1986 - 1/2/1986

"My Little Pony - the Movie" was the Little Ponies' big screen debut. It played during the summer of 1986 and was the launch of My Little Pony's big come back in Year 4 with new ponies and pony friends. In 1989, you could buy "My Little Pony - the Movie" on video for $1 with the purchase of any two ponies in a special offer.

My Little Pony Tales

1/1/1992 - 1/2/1992

"My Little Pony Tales" was My Little Pony's second television series that aired in 1992. And although it was NOT produced by Disney, it aired only on the Disney Channel, along with the original "My Little Pony" TV series episodes. There were two episodes per half-hour show, each with a special song. The little ponies featured in the series were like none ever seen before. They were not based on ponies that were previously sold in stores, but new ponies based on these characters were sold only in the U.K.
The stories revolved around the everyday lives of seven young girl ponies, their families, three boys, and their school teacher. Starlight is quiet and business-like, Sweetheart is as nice as her name, Melody dreams of being a rock star, Bright Eyes is intelligent and compassionate, Patch is an adventurous tomboy, Clover is clumsy and superstitious, and Bon Bon loves to bake and enjoys anything sweet to eat. The ponies live with a variety of family types and some have older or younger siblings. The boys are Teddy who's a bully, but has a soft side, Ace who's handsome and athletic, and Lancer who's rich, but somewhat naive. Finally, there's Ms. Hackney, their teacher, and old lady who teaches the ponies lessons they can use both in and out of school. The little ponies gather at the ice cream shop or at their teahouse to socialize after school or anytime. The storylines and situations were like those common to girls their age including friendship, school, self-esteem, the environment, family, and dating. "My Little Pony Tales" was like a new look at Ponyland, with lots of new faces and stories.


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