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First Marburg Outbreak in Germany

August 3, 1967

First recorded outbreak of the Marburg virus occurs in Marburg, Germany. A monkey warehouse worker became infected and the virus quickly spread. Out of the 31 infected 7 died.

Ebola Sudan Emerges

July 28, 1976

A man known as Mr. Yu G., a storekeeper, goes into shock and begins bleeding from orifices on his body. He is the first known victim of Ebola Sudan, the deadliest of the Ebola family. The virus spread from person to person until it reached a hospital in the town of Maridi where it kills many. It goes by unnoticed and later disappears for some time.

Yambuku Mission Hospital

September 25, 1976

Someone infected with Ebola Zaire enters the Yambuku Hospital. Assisted by unclean syringes, the virus explodes from the hospital and into 50 nearby villages. A nurse named Mayinga is infected.

Panic Begins in Zaire

October 13, 1976

Nurse Mayinga travels to Kinshasa to get treatment at the Mama Yemo Hospital. Quickly the disease begins to spread through the city, causing a national panic. The military is sent into action to stop the infection.

Charles Monet Visits Mount Elgon

December 25,1979

Charles Monet visits Mount Elgon with his friend. During his time there he entered Kitum Cave, the suspected breeding ground of Marburg and Ebloa. A few days later he begins showing symptoms.

Monet Reaches Niarobi Hospital

January 11,1980

Charles Monet arrives at Niarobi Hospital feeling very unwell. He suddenly collapses in the waiting room and begins bleeding profusely. He is rushed to Shem Musoke who is infected with the virus after treating Monet. Monet dies but Musoke survives and the infection does not spread from there.

Nancy Jaax's Close Cal

August 26, 1983

Nancy Jaax, a USAMRIID officer, has a close encounter with the Ebola virus. Her suit is breached and blood enters the inner parts of her suit. Fearful that the virus entered through a cut on her hand, she quickly leaves biocontainment and strippes her suit. She is relieved to discover the blood did not breach the last layer of her suit.

Ebola is Airborne

October 10, 1983

Ebola is orginally believed to transmit through blood only. On this day, however, monkeys across the room from the infected monkeys begin becoming sick. When they begin dying, it is discovered that Ebola travel through the air.

The Cardinal Strain

September 2, 1987

A boy named Peter Cardinal dies from an unknown virus. Gene Johnson is sent to Kenya to investigate. Upon further investigation it is revealed that Cardinal visited Kitum Cave, the same one Charles Monet visited before dying of Marburg.

Reston Monkey House

October 4, 1989

The Reston Monkey House, owned by Bill Volt, begins to see deaths with thier monkeys. USAMRIID investigates and discovers a hot virus is spreading through the complex. The military and CDC are alerted.

USAMRIID Test Results

November 27, 1989

The results from the test on the Reston monkeys concludes that the disease is most closely related to the Ebola virus. The military and CDC begin to work together and lock down the Reston moneky house. Jerry Jaax is put in charge of the operation.

First Scientist Enter the Monkey House

November 30, 1989

Scientist enter the monkey house to begin the process of killing monkeys in the infected room. After disposing of the bodies, the USAMRIID employees leave. A few days later new reports of infection begin in the monkey house.

Monkey House Virus Comes Again

December 4, 1989

An employee at the monkey house becomes very sick suddenly. He is sent to the hospital and the Army returns. This time the Army decides to kill all monkeys in the monkey house.

Monkey House Cleared For Good

December 18, 1989

The Reston Monkey House is finally cleared of monkeys. The Army uses a divice called the Sunbeam. This destroys all living viruses and sterilizes the area it is in. The virus is name Ebola Reston and it is discovered to be non-leathal to humans.

Richard Preston Visits Kitum Cave

August 25, 1993

In this final section of the book the author travels to Mount Elgon to visit Kitum Cave, the suspected source of the Ebola virus. He enters the cave in a makeshift space suit and explores. He leaves and finishes the story by saying that Ebola "will be back".