Ancient Greece

Time Periods

Mesolithic Age

8300 BCE - 7000 BCE

Earliest Age in Ancient Greek History


6000 BCE - 2900 BCE

Early Bronze

2900 BCE - 2000 BCE

Minoan Prepalatial Period

2600 BCE - 2000 BCE

This age consisted of the EMIIA, EMIIB, MMIII.


2000 BCE - 1400 BCE


1600 BCE - 1000 BCE

The Dark Ages of Greece

1100 BCE - 750 BCE

Proto Geometric Period

1100 BCE - 900 BCE

Geometric Period

900 BCE - 700 BCE

Late Geometric Period

760 BCE - 700 BCE


750 BCE - 500 BCE


500 BCE - 336 BCE


336 BCE - 146 BCE

End of Ancient Greece

30 BCE

When Cleopatra dies Ancient Greece ended.


Trojan War

1194 BCE - 1184 BCE

Greco-Persian Wars

499 BCE - 449 BCE

Peloponnesian War

421 BCE - 404 BCE

State vs State war. Athens and the Delian League against Sparta and the Peloponnesian League

Corinthian War

395 BCE - 387 BCE

Mainly a State vs State War. Sparta against Thebes, Athens, Corinth, Argos supplied by Persia

First Macedonian War

214 BCE - 205 BCE

Rome, Aetolian League, and Pergamon against Macedon

Second Macedonian War

200 BCE - 197 BCE

Fought between Rome, Pergamon, and Rhodes against Macedon.

Third Macedonian War

171 BCE - 168 BCE

Rome against Macedon.

Forth Macedonian War

150 BCE - 148 BCE

Rome against Macedon.



650 BCE - 600 BCE


638 BCE - 558 BCE


630 BCE - 570 BCE

Born in Lesbos, was a Greek poet.


624 BCE - 537 BCE


570 BCE - 475 BCE


570 BCE - 495 BCE


497 BCE - 406 BCE


495 BCE - 429 BCE


484 BCE - 425 BCE


480 BCE - 406 BCE


469 BCE - 399 BCE


460 BCE - 370 BCE


460 BCE - 395 BCE


446 BCE - 386 BCE


428 BCE - 348 BCE


384 BCE - 322 BCE

Philip II

382 BCE - 336 BCE

Alexander III “The Great”

356 BCE - 323 BCE


287 BCE - 212 BCE

Philip V

221 BCE - 179 BCE


Ancient city of Corinth estimated to be founded

6500 BCE

Corinth was able to rival Athens and Thebes multiple times during Greece's Classical Age. They were the main exporter of all of Greece of black-figure pottery, pottery then depicates tales of anything.

City of Amasya thought to be founded

5487 BCE

City of Argos hypothesize to be founded

5000 BCE

Argos was a rival of Sparta for dominance over the Peloponnese.

Amarynthos Founded

3000 BCE

This city has built it's own ports and frequently traded with the Aegean Islands. Later on it created a trade with mainland Greece.

Amphipolis hypnotized to be founded

3000 BCE

It was a strategically important in multiple wars throughout Greece.

Amnisos Settled

2900 BCE - 2000 BCE

City of Agrinio founded

1600 BCE - 1100 BCE

Delphi inhabited

1400 BCE - 1100 BCE

Delphi was a worship area dedicated to Apollo, god of light, harmony, and order, and Gaia, Grandmother Earth.

City of Amida Founded

1200 BCE

Was the capital of the Aramean Kingdom Bat-Zamani.

City of Aspendos Founded

1000 BCE

Founded by Greeks who came from the city of Argos

City of Assos Founded

1000 BCE - 900 BCE

Founded by Aeolian colonists from Lesbos. In 348 BCE Aristotle came and married King Hermeias' niece.

Olympia estimated to be founded

900 BCE

This ancient city was where the Olympic games were created and later for over four centuries. Many city-states also took time off from war with each other in order to participate in the games.

City of Abydos first metioned

836 BCE

City of Aegae

800 BCE - 700 BCE

City of Aigio joins the Achaean League

800 BCE

Amisos Settled

760 BCE - 750 BCE

They were able to establish a healthy trade with the people of Miletus.

Asine destroyed

740 BCE

The Argives destroyed the city because they helped the Spartans in the war against Argos.

City of Naxos Founded

734 BCE

City of Syracuse founded

733 BCE

City of Palazzolo Acreide founded

664 BCE

City of Akanthos founded

655 BCE

City of Abdera Founded

654 BCE

City of Sparta becomes dominant military leader

650 BCE

Sparta was recognized as an overall leader of combined Greek forces throughout multiple wars. It's social system and constitution focused a lot on military training and excellence.

City of Cyrene Founded

630 BCE

Ambracia Colony founded

600 BCE

Colony of Andros Founded

600 BCE

The Colony owned a temple dedicated to Dionysus, god of the grape harvest, wine-making, and wine.

City of Akrillai Founded

598 BCE

City of Agrigento founded

582 BCE - 580 BCE

City of Aleria

566 BCE

Athens establishes a dictatorship

514 BCE

This was the center of arts, learning, and philosophy. It is currently home of Plato's Akademia or University.

Athenian Democracy established

508 BCE

Earliest recorded evidence of Antipatrea

500 BCE

Originally a settlement of Dexarioi,l but later became a settlement of the Macedonians.

Ai-Khanoum Founded

400 BCE

Can be translated into "Lady Moon".

Ancona Founded

387 BCE

Founded by Greek settlers from Syracuse.

City of Antioch founded

375 BCE

Founded by Seleucus I Nicator, one of Alexander's generals. It bloomed and at it's peak rivaled Alexandria itself.

Declie of Thebes

335 BCE

Thebes was a well thriving city. It at multiple points in time rivaled Athens itself and had many conflicts with them in multiple wars.

City of Iskenderun founded

333 BCE

Founded by Alexander the great

Nusaybin conquered by Greeks

332 BCE

The city was conquered by Alexander the Great and was later populated with descendants of Sparta.

City of Alexandria Founded

331 BCE

Founded by Alexander the Great

Alexandria Ariana Founded

330 BCE

Alexandria Eschate

329 BCE

Founded by Alexander the Great.

Alexandria Bucephalus

326 BCE

Founded in memory of Alexander the Great's horse.

City of Agrinio destroyed

314 BCE

Destroyed by Cassander, a Greek Hellenistic King

Alexandria Troas Founded

306 BCE

City of Apmea Fortified

300 BCE

During 300 BCE one of Alexander's generals, Seleucus I Nicator, fortified the city from impending invasions.

Apamea Myrlea rebuilt

202 BCE

Rebuilt by Prusias and named it after his wife, Apamea III.

Antioch of Pisidia Founded

200 BCE

Founded by the Seleucid Dynasty, one of the Hellenistic Kingdoms.


Introduction of Bronze

3000 BCE

Invention of Greek alphabet

750 BCE

First Olympic Games

700 BCE

Introduction of Democracy

500 BCE

Democracy was introduced to the Greeks by an aristocrat.

Achaean League

280 BCE - 146 BCE