Bolivia History

Bolivia History

The Spanish Conquer Bolivia


Silver Discovered in Andes Mountains


The discovery of silver in the Andes Mountains provided Spain with supreme wealth.

Simon Bolivar overthrows Spanish rule

1824 - 1825

Bolivia was named after Simon Bolivar, a Venezuelan freedom fighter who helped the country become free of Spanish rule. Bolivar also became Bolivia's new president.

Peace agreement between Bolivia and Peru


The peace treaty concluded all war and land disputes between Bolivia and Peru.

War of the Pacific

1879 - 1883

War between Chile, Argentina and Bolivia, ending in Bolivia giving up more mineral-rich territory to Chile.

Bolivia loses coastal territory to Chile

1879 - 1884

Chile, being a bigger country than Bolivia, took the mineral-rich coastal area of Bolivia. Bolivia lost a lot of potential money.

Bolivia loses territory to Brazil


Bolivia lost one of their provinces called Acre, to Brazil.

Peace agreement


Chile, Peru, and Bolivia sign the Tancna-Arica Area Treaty.

Chaco War

1932 - 1935

Bolivia lost territory to Paraguay after losing the Chaco War to them.

Peasants and Miners Overthrow Military Forces


Peasants and miners overthrow the military. Victor Paz Estensorro returns from exile, becoming president, improves universal suffrage, land, and education.

Tin Market Collapses


21,000 miners lose their jobs during the collapse of the tin market.

Protest against income taxes


More than 30 citizens were killed in violent protests against income taxes. The protesters didn't rest until the Bolivian government lowered taxes.