Peru History


Conquering of Peru

1531 - 1533

Francisco Pizarro once ruled Peru.

Peru Proclaims Independence

July 28, 1821 - 1824

The Spanish were not defeated until 1824.

Peru's War Against Spain

1864 - 1866

This war is what caused Spain to agree to Peru's independence.

The War of the Pacific

1879 - 1883

This was an unsuccessful war that Peru had with Chile.

Peru Ends Dictatorship


The election of President Jose Luis Bustamente y Rivero. This was the first free election in decades.

Belaunde is Overthrown

October 3, 1968

Fernando Belaunde Terry was overthrown by Gen. Juan Velasco Alvarado.

Velasco is Replaced


Velasco was replaced in a bloodless coup by his prime minister, Gen. Francisco Morales Bermuodez

Mass Killings in Peru

1980 - 2000

69,000 people were killed. 54% by rebels, and 30% by military. Militias were responsible for the remainder.

Campaign to Overthrow Government


This campaign led to civilian rights abuses and disappearances.


May 18, 1980

Belaunde Terry was elected again. He was the last civilian president.