Genevieve Asteria


French Revolution

1789 - 1799

French Campaign in Egypt and Syria

1798 - 1801

Discovery of Rosetta Stone


British Capture of Egypt Campaign


Napoleon Crowned Emperor


Mortal Life



Parents: Margot and Giuseppe

Saint-Égrève in the Alps, near Grenoble

Father Dies


Giuseppe takes ill and dies of a fever.

University of Grenoble

1790 - 1798

Moves with her mother to Grenoble. Margot finds work as a maid in the University of Grenoble, and Genevieve assists, spending as much time reading the books and lecture notes as she does cleaning.
Over the next five years she learns that most of the teachers and students dislike direct questions from her regarding the content of classes or books, and she is eventually barred from the library. Adapting a more playful and flirtatious attitude, she is able to ask for favors, or get the academics around her to show off by talking about subjects that she finds interesting, and continues educating herself on ancient cultures and languages.
Eventually, she became a favorite of the faculty of letters and was invited to assist older professors in assembling research, writing lecture notes and even grading student work. While she was still employed as a maid and would never be invited to lecture herself, her expertise in several ancient languages was recognized.

Most of the rest of the staff and many of the faculty and students assumed that some level of impropriety was going on, and this was only sometimes the case, but she cared little.

Joins French Campaign in Egypt and Syria


Secures a position as an assistant and secretary to Champollion. One of very few women brought along, Genevieve surprises the expedition by not only enduring the journey but thriving and energetically pursuing fieldwork even in grueling conditions.

Identifies Demotic script on Rosetta Stone


Credit is given to another member of the expedition, Jean-Joseph Marcel

Vampire life

Thomas's Embrace


Shortly after her own Embrace, Thomas is also embraced.



Embraced by Ramiel Asteria in Alexandria during turmoil surrounding British seizure of French artefacts.

Returns to Paris and translating Rosetta Stone

1810 - 1822

Returns to Paris, ghouls Champollion and Marcel. Champollion publishes their translation of the Rosetta Stone in 1922.

Nikolas joins the Carthians


Genevieve helped!

Nikolas in Torpor

1843 - 1845

Genevieve walks the ghouls while Nikolas is out.

East India Ghoul (ghouled in 1643)
Michael Crassus (ghouled in 1800)

Nikolas in Torpor

1882 - 1884

Genevieve walks the ghouls while he's out.

East India Ghoul (ghouled in 1643, NPC)
Michael Crassus (ghouled in 1800, played by Ephraim Gregor)
Regina Crassus (ghouled in 1861, played by Kate)

Robert in England

1898 - 1920

Shit went wrong, Robert leaves to go to England. Comes back Libitinarius.

Move to New York City


Genevieve moves to NYC to pick up where Robert left off.

Embraces Owen


Genevieve meets Owen and embraces him.


1926 - 1936


Owen in training

1926 - 1963

Owen goes off to be groomed and Avused by Erich Destler, a Kaibit.

Nikolas in Torpor

1939 - 1941

Genevieve walks the ghouls while he's out.

Michael Crassus (ghouled in 1800, played by Ephraim Gregor)
Regina Crassus (ghouled in 1861, played by Kate)
Miranda (ghouled in 1915, played by Stan)

Ramiel Exiled from Court

11/20/2011 - 5/6/2012

The Asteria go with him