Graffiti Through the Ages



1980 - 2013

Banksy began to paint in the start of the aerosol movement in Europe later in his life blek le rat became one of his major inspirations

Banksy joins "DryBreadZ Crew"


Banksy joins "DryBreadZ Crew"

Banksy's style evolves


In the late '90s, he began using stencils predominantly.

Banksy and the west bank barrier


Banksy's work on the West Bank barrier, between Israel and Palestine, received significant media attention in 2005

Banksy and King Robbo war

12/25/2009 - 12/24/2011

This war ended after the death of King Robbo and with the restoration of the original King Robbo peice that started the war to memorialize him.

Exit through the gift shop


Banksy is the subject of a 2010 documentary, Exit Through the Gift Shop,



1968 - 1995

Muelle was a trademark signature and design by Juan Carlos Arguello, Spanish graffiti pioneer (circa 1966–1995). Around 1980, during the Madrilene cultural Movida, Arguello started reproducing the logo he had designed in walls and public spaces of Madrid. It consisted of the word Muelle (Spanish for spring),

Muelle's style evolves


In the eighties, he improved his technique, using several colors, wider borders, and 3-D effects such as the graffiti we see today.

Montana Paint

1987 - 2013

Montana paint dominates today's graffiti market and it has since 1987. This spanish paint brand was the first to promote spraypaint for the use of aerosol art.


1999 - 2013

Pez is a graffiti artist from Barcelona, Spain. He was born in 1976. He started painting graffiti in 1999 His biggest inspiration being banksy

Pez in Books


His works appear in the best-known street art books such as Street Logos, Art of Rebellion and Street Art,

Pez art shows

2008 - 2013

he has shown his artwork in cities like Ny, L.A. Tokyo, London, Miami, Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona

Chuch dome by House


Graffiti artist house was hired by a priest to restore a mural on the church's dome which he completed successfully


Student riots

05/01/1968 - 05/31/1968

Riots in Paris this resulted in over 200 pieces of graffiti all over France this was about De Gaulle's rule in France some of these pieces saying "I participate you participate he participates they profit" showing the political situation in France at the time

Blek le rat

1981 - 2013

Blek le Rat is the first graffiti artist ever in france

blek le rat graduates


Blek le rat graduates from Beaux-Arts in Paris where he studied architecture and fine arts


Beginning of modern day Graffiti


Cornbread some will say is the father of modern day graffiti and is most famous for "tagging" an elephant at the Philidelphia zoo

Invention of Wildstyle


Wildstyle a technical type of graffiti including multiple colors and charecters incorperated into the design this style was invented by Tracy 168

Sane Smith Brooklyn Bridge


Sane Smith are particularly notable for painting on the top level of New York's Brooklyn Bridge, after which they were sued by the City of New York for 3 million dollars the biggest law suit to date against graffiti writers

Style Wars


Style Wars is a 1983 documentary on hip hop culture directed by Tony Silver this movie has an emphasis on graffiti