Timeline for Midnight Rose

This is the IC timeline for Midnight Rose Troupe Game

The Court of Ivonne Mayweather

Vampire: The Requiem

Domain of Midnight Rose Formed

May 10, 1666

Reign of Archbishop Otto von Hapsburg

7/11/1800 - 4/21/1850

Archbishop Otto Von Hapsburg takes the praxis and begins the process of stablizing the domain. His reign is very strict and eventually he begins to loose his mind.

Carlise Valeria Arrives


Carlise Valeria, childe of Lord Blackwater, arrives at court.

Dispute of Ghouls


A major dispute between two members of the First estate led to a final ruling by Judex Carlise Valiera. Lord Blackwater accused Lord Mayweather of treating ghouls too nicely. Lord Mayweather returned reporting that it is a tradition to show the ghouls proper respect provided they are performing well. Judex Valiera ruled based on the Invictus Traditions that it is in fact completely justified that productive ghouls at to be shown respect especially if they are the property of another member of the Invictus.

Celeste Mitchell arrives


Celeste Mitchell becomes Hound


Becomes Hound under Archbishop Otto von Hapsburg.

Reign of Lord Steven Mayweather

4/21/1850 - 8/25/1990

Archbishop Otto von Hapsburg is put into torpor by his court for his good. Otto van Hapsburg had been risking the Masquerade by freely killing mortals. The Lancea push the court not to kill him, and the court agrees. He is put into torpor and placed into the care of the Lancea. Lord Steven Mayweather of the Invictus takes Praxis.

The End of the Reign of Von Hapsburg


After years of instantiy and hostilite a group of Kindred Lead by Lord Steven Mayweather attempted to seize the Praxis. During this dispute, Lord Blackwater killed Catherine (The Mate of Carlise). In responce, Carlise destroys Lord Blackwater. In the end, Lord Steven Mayweather become Prince.

Celeste Mitchell removed as hound


Archbishop Otto von Hapsburg is put into torpor. It is decided that Celeste will lose her position and must not hold another court position for at least 75 years to determine if she is “tainted” by the Archbishop, as she was willingly killing mortals with the Archbishop, though she was clever enough to not be risking the Masquerade.

Matthew Richards Arrives


Matthew Richards, of the Ordo Dracul, arrives in New London County.

Carlise Valeria becomes Master of Elysuim


Prince Mayweather summons Carlise back to court for the first time since the praxis change. Carlise agrees to be Master of Elysuim and Primus for the Invictus

Matthew Richards becomes Senchsal


Matthew Richards becomes Senschal of the domain under Lord Mayweather

Argus Killian arrives


Argus Killian, a Knight of the Thorned Wreath, arrives in New London County. He swears to help protect the Praxis from harm.

Matthew Richards steps down


After many years of service to the domain, Matthew feels he needs to sleep. He steps down as Senchsal and goes into Torpor.

Ivonne Mayweather Arrives


Ivonne Mayweather, childe of Lord Mayweather is introduced to the court. She publicly swears fieilty to Lord Mayweather. After the Ceremony, Lord Mayweather asked Carlise Valeria and Argus Killian to help train Ivonne in the ways of the Invictus.

Tom Hartigan Arrives


Tom Hartigan is introduced to the court by his sire, Destiny.

Dr. Franklin Williams Arrives


Celeste Mitchell becomes Gangrel Priscus


Celeste becomes Gangrel Priscus in a very bloody battle.



Celeste, the Gangrel Priscus, begins to secretly meet with the Pure in order to get them to attack the Kindred. Initially the Pure want to kill her, however she is able to present a plan to them that would be beneficial to all. The Pure will thin the heard enough for Celeste to take Praxis; once she does she will relocate the court to New Haven, CT. The Pure begin doing little skirmishes with the Kindred in order to scout them out.

Mr. Matthew Richards returns to court

June 1, 1950

Mr. Richards, the former Seneschal of New London Country, returns from his travels under the new name Mr. Richman. Lord Mayweather welcomes him back and gives him the position of Seneschal again

Linda Jones Introduced to Court

July 31, 1953

Linda Jones is formally introduced to the Kindred court. After the formal court, Mr. Richards requests that Carlise insturct Linda in proper court etiquette and Kindred Law. Carlise agrees.

Tom Hartigan becomes Sheriff


Due to one of werewolf scuffles the sheriff is killed. Tom Hartigan is named new Sheriff.

Attack at the Elysuim


The war against the Pure begins with the sudden unprovoked attack on the Norwich Eylsuim. During this attack, many kindred lost their requiems. After the attack Carlise, with Lord Mayweather's permission, when into seclusion. He has not appeared in formal court since that evening.

Rylan Fox joins Quantal Cybersolutions


Rylan becomes associates with Jordan Obrastoff and learns of his plans to create Quantal Cybersolutions.

Matthew Richards Destroyed

September 20, 1972

Mr. Richards, the Seneschal of New London County, is killed in a Werewolf attack

Linda Jones is made Seneschal

September 30, 1972 - Present

After her sire is killed Lord Mayweather makes Linda Jones the new Seneschal of New London County, the position she had been raised to take

Rylan Fox 'rescues' Cathy


Rylan teams up with other Carthians to kill a Crone named Anthony FonsecaI. The motive for the murder was Rylan's wish to have Anthony's ghoul. The ghoul is named Catherine Brennan Magee and Rylan takes her over.

Tom Hartigan become Carthian Prefect


Celeste Discovered


Celeste is discovered to be a traitor and is blood-hunted by Lord Mayweather. This move cuts off the Pure’s source of information and allows the Kindred to regroup enough to stabilize.

Rylan Fox And Cathy Magee Arrive


Rylan Fox and his ghoul, Catherine Magee, come to New London County from NYC. Rylan was sent by Prince Martin of New York to try to come up with a plan a defeat the Pure. Mr. Fox suggests using various mortal resources in order to help divide the resources of the Pure and get them into a more vulnerable position. Lord Mayweather initially distrusts Mr. Fox, but allows for this plan go forward.

Reign of Duchess Ivonne Mayweather

8/25/1990 - Present

Lord Mayweather Assassinated


in a skirmish, Lord Mayweather is assassinated. In her grief, Ivonne Mayweather comes up with the final plan to win the war.

End of the War


Ivonne's plan results is the Kindred dealing the final blow to the Pure leaving only remnants around the county. This assault also give control of the Pequot reservation to the Kindred, which includes the Foxwoods Bingo Hall. Ivonne is made Prince due to the leadership she showed. A treaty between the Pure and the Kindred is struck, and both sides agree to stop the fighting.

Plans for the New Elysium


The Kindred, in an attempt to spite the Pure for the years of war begin plans to turn the Foxwoods Bingo Hall into the Foxwoods Casino Resort. They also begin the plans to make Foxwoods the Seat of power for the Kindred court.

Rylan Fox Court Positions

06/02/1991 - 07/19/1993

Rylan becomes the Prince’s Harpy for New London County after drafting up a peace treaty between The Pure and the Kindred and for participating in negotiations. Later he is voted in Prefect for New London County by the other Carthian residents.

Rylan Fox buys a house


Rylan purchases a historic farm house in Essex, CT with the clear intent of remaining in Connecticut.

Foxwood Elysuim Established


The Kindred make Foxwoods Resort an Elysium. For the first time in over 30 years, the kindred have a respectable seat of power within there domain. The Pure, not happy with this, begin to work on making there own casino to spite the Kindred.

Rylan Fox steps down


Rylan Fox steps down as Harpy and Prefect in New London county. He has his reasons but deliberately doesn't go into detail.

Rylan Fox on the move


Rylan begins to spend more time in New York while still keeping his haven is Essex, CT. He is very supportive of the NYC Carthians and allows him to feed in his territory.

Tom Hartigan joins Atlas Conglomerate, Inc.


In order to get funding for his idea of the Kindred Prison, Tom begins to talk with Adrian Drake, owner of Atlas Conglomerate, Inc. In this deal, Tom joins this conspiracy.

Grace Llywellyn Arrives

July 28, 2004

Grace Llywellyn arrives in New London County, moving from Boston.

Tom establishes the Kindred Prison


The Kindred prison in completed. It is operated underneath the New London Police Muesem.

Grace Llywellyn purchases Norwich State Hospital

December 2006

Grace buys Norwich State Hospital and 480 acres of the land it’s on 10 years after it closes, and works to reopen it (after Utopia Studio’s bid is denied by the town for not following through with promised deadlines). It is renamed Norwich Institute for Mental Health (NIMH).

Jetta Hart Arrives


Jetta Hart arrives at court.

Treaty of Connecticut


In an effort to form Alliances, Archbishop Gregorio Visconti and Duchess Ivonne Mayweather form a treaty giving control Hartford, Connecticut to both domains. Anything that happens in Hartford falls under the justitiction of Both courts.

Return of Celeste


During the June Court of the 22nd year of Ivonne's reign, Mr. Emerald approached the court advising of a Kindred that breeched Mystic.

During this incident, the court discovered that the traitor Celeste Mitchell has returned. During the course of the evening two of Celeste’s childe Black Dog and Jane Bear were captured. It was also revieled that Grace Llywellyn was also the childe of Celeste, however she was cleared of an association.

Celeste Defeated


In short order, The court is able to capture and execute the traitor Celeste. Final execution is carried out by Elias Crackstone. Fortunately, this was the only death of the evening.

Dr. Williams removed as Keeper


Due to a violation of the Masquerade, Prince Mayweather removes Dr. Williams as Keeper and lowers his Standing.

NLCI Engaged


Kindred of the court investgate and infultrate the NLCI Research facility in Groton, CT.

The Cherion Group Removed


In a combined effort between the Vampires, Lost and Pure, the Cherion Group and it's holdings are assulted. In this attack, they Group is able to defeat all members of the Cherion group.

The Court of Angelica Visconti

Vampire: The Requiem

Reign of Archbishop Mercy Thorpe

8/12/1675 - 6/25/2006

Patience Thorpe merges with the Spirit of Loneliness


The Spirit of Loneliness, seeing an adandoned Patience, merges with her in order to get the Vampires out of Western Connecticut. Through her, she is able to Influence Mercy to Banish/Bloodhunt most of the Kindred in Western, CT

Black arrives in Bridgeport, CT


Black, the sprirt of a Cult leader in England, Arrvies in Bridgport, CT. He immeditly begins to control members of the Masons. Through his efforts he is able to form a group called the Black Mason whose efforts attempt to bring about the End of the world.

Raid of the Ordo Academy


Mercy Thorpe, in an effort to clean out the populace of Western CT, Raids the Ordo Academy and destroys it. During the assult, Professor Ivo of the Ordo Dracul is destroyed.

Mercy opens the Borders


For the first time since the 17th Century, Mercy completely opens her borders to all kindred.

Mercy Thorpe is Destoryed


Mercy, in an attempt to repurge her domainm is Destroyed by the local populace. Dona Maria Telez of the Invictus takes the Praxis.

Regin of Doña Maria Tellez

6/27/2006 - 11/10/2009

Mickey O'Conner arrives


Mickey O'Conner arrives in the Court of Maria Telez.

Black Arrives at Court


Black makes his presence known to the Court.

Black is Trapped


Using some of Black's Artifacts, The Court is able to Trap black in the Old Cemetray in Fairfield, CT.

Gregorio Visconti arrives


Gregorio Arrives to the court of Maria Tellez, He begins consturction on what will be known as the Visconti Estate in Southport, CT.

Vermieden Arrives


Vermieden Arrvies at court.

Urbridge over Western, CT


Due to all of the chaos and distruction, an Urbridge arrives in Western CT. This Urbridge changes the layout of Western, CT and brings Mercy Thorpe back as a Ghost. It's also during this event that Black is released from his prison.

Maria Tellez is Destroyed


In an effort to save the requiem of another member of the Invictus, Maria Telez jumps in the way of a Hunter's Rocket Launcher.

Reign of Cardinal Petro Sangiovanni

11/10/2009 - 1/10/2011

Thief of Ages Released


In an effort to destroy the vampires, The Children of Thule unwittingly release the Thief of Ages from the Olde Uptown Burial Ground in Derby, CT

Cardnial Sangiovanni enters into Torpor


Feeling the Weight of Eternity and disappointed in how fair most of the Lance had fallen, Cardnial Sangiovanni enters Torpor. Gregorio Visconti claims the Praxis.

Regin of Archbishop Gregorio Visconti

1/11/2011 - 4/13/2013



Ambrose Doyle is discovered to be caputred by members of VII. It is discovered that VII have the ability of creating Skinsuits. Gregorio, in an effort to combat this, begins Inquistions into discovering if there are members of VII within his court.

John Grimm is Bloodhunted


John Grimm, Former Sheriff of Western CT is Bloodhunted for being a Diablorist. Although there are some who feel he is not, Gregorio stands firm by his choice.

Thief of Ages Defeated


Through the inginutiy of the Court, The Thief of Ages is Destroyed at the Old Uptown Burial ground. However, the Court di not realize they released something far worse by doing so.

Black becomes a Giest


During the Defeat of the Thief of Ages, Black is able to convince memebers of the Court to get Black a body. Black is able to transform into a Giest.



Dagon, the Elder God, freshly released from his prison. Begins to take control of a Local Prisoner, Humdinger. After this occurs, Humdinger begins to form a cult.

Treaty of Connecticut


In an effort to form Alliances, Archbishop Gregorio Visconti and Duchess Ivonne Mayweather form a treaty giving control Hartford, Connecticut to both domains. Anything that happens in Hartford falls under the justitiction of Both courts.

Angelica Visconti Arrives


Gregorio Visconti introduces his Childre Angelica Visconti to the court.

Mercy Becomes a Giest


In an attempt to save herself from Dagon, Black shows Mercy how to become a Giest. She takes control of an up an coming Mayor Candidate for the city of Waterbury.

Dagon Defeated


Led by Janet Fitzwalter, a group of Kindred storm the Danbury Correction Facliity and Interupt a ritual that was to bring Dagon fully into this world.

Black's Momento is Destroyed


The Court is able to discover and Distroy the Lantern of Black, breaking the Giestly contract and defeating Black at least for now.

Mercy Thorpe is destroyed


Mercy Thorpe is destroyed once and for all when Vermieden destroys her Momento and her ghost.

Distruction of Gregorio Visconti


In an Act of Betrayal, Greogrio Visconti is killed by members of the Court of Rhode Island. The Praxis is claimed by Vermideen. A Few days later, the Court of Rhode Island and Vermideen vanish. Angelica Visconti Claims the Praxis at that time.

Reign of Archbishop Angelica Visconti

4/13/2013 - Present

The Guild of Outside the Box vs. The Truth

nWoD: The Accord

The Church of the Ultimate Truth Arrives


A parish of The Church of Ultimate Truth opens in Colchester, CT.


August 23, 2011

The Virginia earthquake occurs, triggering a secondary, very minor earthquake in Connecticut. It was so minor it was thought to be an aftershock of the Virginia earthquake. It hollows out a large cavernous area beneath New London county, the Undermountain Complex.

Undermountian Discovered

October 4, 2011

A very drunk gentleman discovers an entrance to the cavernous area beneath the Harp and Dragon in Norwich. Not sure if he’s awake or dreaming, he still mentions this to his priest the next Sunday.

The Church Moves in

October 10, 2011

A Priest of the Church of Ultimate Truth examined the Harp and Dragon, and found the entrance to the cavern. Slowly, over the next four months, the Church of Ultimate Truth’s Believers move down into the cavern. Services are still held in the real church in Colchester for the flock.


August 10, 2012

Something escapes from the caverns under New London County. A few supernaturals find it and work together to destroy it. One of them tracks where it came from and discovers the entrance to the Undermountain complex.

The Guild of Outside the Box is formed

August 24, 2012

The new Accord cell enters the caverns under the Harp and Dragon. Although they don’t understand much of the Truth, they intend to clear out the caverns of those who are there.
Over the next year they find and clear out what they believe to be all the believers and servants, as well as the Abomination that was being kept Undermountain. They do make trips to the surface often enough to heal and get new supplies.

Lisabella is voted Cell Leader.

Vancier Magibleu becomes Regional Rep for the Northeast


Lisabella appoints Vancier Magibleu Regional Representative to the Northeast Council. He is also appointed Quartermaster.

Gehenna Refugees


Refugees of a Dead Universe come through rifts. These vampires begin to merge into Normal Kindred Society.

Vancier Travels


Vancier, in an effort to be more active in the Accord, travels to Cario, Paris and North Pole Alaska.

The Mundanes

World of Darkness Timeline

Pequot Arrival

1/1/1500 - 1/2/1500

Pequot tribe arrives in area. Some of the Tribe are Pure and help establish the Pequot in the area. While the Pure do not actively protect the Pequot, their presence allow for most of the threats to not affect them.

Pequot War

1/1/1634 - 1/1/1638

The Pequot War was an armed conflict from 1634-1638 between the Pequot tribe and an alliance of the English colonists of the Massachusetts Bay, Plymouth, Saybrook colonies and their Native American allies (the Narragansett and Mohegan tribes). Hundreds were killed; hundreds of prisoners sold into slavery to the West Indies.[1] Other survivors were dispersed. At the end of the war, about seven hundred Pequots had been killed or taken into captivity.[2] The result was the elimination of the Pequot as a viable polity in what is present-day Southern New England. It would take the Pequot more than three and a half centuries to regain political and economic power in their traditional homeland along the Pequot (present-day Thames) and Mystic rivers in what is now southeastern Connecticut

Mystic, CT settled


Stonington, CT established


New London County, CT Formed

May 10, 1666

Lyme, CT incorperated


In 1667, the Connecticut General Court formally recognized the East Saybrook plantation as the town of Lyme.

Preston, CT incorperated


Owaneco, son of the Mohegan sachem Uncas, gave a confirmatory deed for the land in 1687. In October of that same year, the town was formally incorporated as Preston, named for the English city of Preston, Lancashire.

Colchester, CT incorperated

October 13, 1698

On October 13, 1698, Michael Taintor, Samuel Northam and Nathanial Foote applied to plant the Town. Jerimiah's Farm was selected as the main point of reference for the town, with its north boundary as the Twenty Mile River. The southern side is bordered by Lyme. The west boundary meets the east bounds of Middletown and Haddam. The east and northeast boundary run to the bounds of Lebanon and Norwich. During the initial settlement, the area was also referred to as the Plantation of the Twenty-mile River.

Lebanon, CT incorperated

October 10, 1700

The town of Lebanon was incorporated by the General Assembly of the Connecticut Colony on October 10, 1700. The town's name was the idea of one of the Rev. Fitch's sons, because of "the height of the land, and a large cedar forest."[4] Lebanon was the first town in the Connecticut Colony to be given a Biblical name.

Groton, CT incorperated


Groton was established in 1705, when it separated from New London, Connecticut

Voluntown, CT incorperated


North Stongington, CT incorperated


North Stonington was split off from Stonington in 1724.

Benedict Arnold born in Norwich, CT

January 14, 1741

Benedict was born the second of six children to Benedict Arnold (1683–1761) and Hannah Waterman King in Norwich, Connecticut, on January 14, 1741.[1] Like his father and grandfather, as well as an older brother who died in infancy, he was named after his great-grandfather Benedict Arnold, an early governor of the Colony of Rhode Island.[1] Only Benedict and his sister Hannah survived to adulthood; his other siblings succumbed to yellow fever in childhood.

Battle of Groton Heights

September 6, 1781

The Battle of Groton Heights (also known as the Battle of Fort Griswold, and occasionally called the Fort Griswold massacre) was a battle of the American Revolutionary War fought on September 6, 1781, between a small Connecticut militia force led by Lieutenant Colonel William Ledyard and the more numerous British forces led by Brigadier General Benedict Arnold and Lieutenant Colonel Edmund Eyre.

New London, CT Incorperated


Connecticut's independent legislature, in its January session of 1784, made New London one of the first two cities (along with New Haven) brought from de facto to formalized incorporations.

Norwichtown, CT Incorperated


Libson, CT incorperated


Montville, CT incorperated


In 1786 Montville was separated from New London and incorporated as a separate Town. Before incorporation, it was known as the North Parish of New London.

Franklin, CT incorperated


Bozrah, CT Incorperated


The area that became Bozrah was first settled as part of the original "nine-miles-square" of Norwich as well as part of the Parish of West Farms. The area became its own parish, called "New Concord" or the "Fourth Society of Norwich", in 1737.

Watertown, CT incorperated


Battle of Stonington

8/9/1814 - 8/12/1814

During the War of 1812, four British vessels, HMS Ramillies, HMS Pactolus, HMS Dispatch, and HMS Terror, under the command of Sir Thomas Hardy, appeared offshore on August 9, 1814. The British demanded immediate surrender, but Stonington's citizens replied with a note that stated, "We shall defend the place to the last extremity; should it be destroyed, we shall perish in its ruins."[4] For three days the Royal Navy pounded the town, but the only fatality was that of an elderly woman who was mortally ill. The British, after suffering many dead and wounded, sailed off on 12 August.

Griswold, CT Incorperated


Salem, CT incorperated


Salem was incorporated as a town in 1819 from lands of Colchester, Lyme, and Montville, with a population of approximately 1,200, nearly all of them farmers. The rocky and craggy land that constituted much of the town kept the population low and new settlement at a minimum. Salem has always been a crossroads town; the old Hartford and New London Turnpike (now Route 85) was a toll road, traveled frequently by legislators during the winters of the 19th century when the Connecticut River was impassable. The Turnpike provided stage coach service until the 1890s.

Ledyard, CT incorperated


Norwich and Worcester Railroad Completed


The Norwich and Worcester Railroad was an 1837 consolidation of the Boston, Norwich and New London Railroad Company of Connecticut and the Worcester and Norwich Railroad Company of Massachusetts when both state legislatures passed acts allowing the merger.

East Lyme, CT incorperated


Norwich Free Academy established


The Norwich Free Academy (commonly called "NFA") founded in 1854 and in operation since 1856, is a high school located in the city of Norwich, Connecticut. The Academy serves as the primary high school for Norwich and the surrounding towns of Canterbury, Bozrah, Voluntown, Sprague, Lisbon, Franklin, Preston and several others.

Old Lyme, CT Incorperated


Sprague, CT incorperated


New London Naval Base opens


In 1868, the State of Connecticut gave the Navy 112 acres (0.5 km²) of land along the Thames River to build a Naval Station. Due to a lack of federal funding, it was not until 1872 that two brick buildings and a "T" shaped pier were constructed and officially declared a Navy Yard. In 1898, Congress approved a coaling station be built at the Yard for refueling small naval ships traveling through the waters of New England. The Navy Yard was first used for laying up inactive ships.

United States Coast Guard Academy founded


Founded in 1876, the United States Coast Guard Academy (USCGA) is the military academy of the United States Coast Guard. Located in New London, Connecticut, it is the smallest of the five federal service academies. The academy provides education to future Coast Guard officers in one of eight major fields of study.

Race Rock Lighthouse lit for first time


Eastern Connecticut State University founded


Eastern was founded in 1889 as the Willimantic State Normal School, an institution whose sole purpose was to train teachers. Thirteen female students attended classes on the third floor of the Willimantic Savings Institute during its first year; the first male student was not enrolled until four years later in 1893.

New London Union Station opens


The new station began construction in 1886 and opened in 1887.[3] It was designated a union station as it connected two railroads - the Central Vermont Railroad which succeeded the New London, Willimantic, and Palmer, and the Shore Line was would merge into the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad in 1897. In 1889, the Thames River Bridge was built, connecting the station to the New York, Providence and Boston Railroad and completing a complete rail line from New York to Boston. The southern end of the Norwich and Worcester Railroad was completed through Gales Ferry in June 1899, allowing traffic from Worcester to reach New London via the bridge. The station was built over the remains of the old Union station which burnt down in 1885

Willimantic, CT incorperated


Norwich State Hospital opens


The Garde Arts Center opens


the Garde Theatre opened on September 22, 1926, with the silent film “The Marriage Clause” starring matinee idols Francis X. The Garde was hailed by the press of that time “one of the finest theatres in New England.” Typical of the era, the theatre was a stage for vaudeville as well as film. Variety acts of music, comedy, acrobats and magic, were interspersed between the showing of feature films, comedy shorts, and newsreels.

Mystic Seaport Muesum Established


Mystic Seaport or Mystic Seaport: The Museum of America and the Sea, in Mystic, Connecticut, is notable for its collection of sailing ships and boats, and for the re-creation of the crafts and fabric of an entire 19th-century seafaring village. It consists of more than 60 original historic buildings, most of them rare commercial structures moved to the 37-acre (0.15 km2) site and meticulously restored.

Mitchell College opens


Mitchell College is a liberal arts college located on the banks of the Thames River, in New London, Connecticut, USA. It was founded in 1938 on the former estate of Alfred Mitchell; its campus offers such amenities as on-campus housing (including four multi-level, dormitory-style buildings and four residential river houses), a cafe, ice cream shop, preserve area known as 'Mitchell Woods', multiple playing fields, and a beach. Notable for its Criminal Justice, Early Childhood Education, Sport Management, and Business Administration programs, the college offers both two and four year degree programs.

USCGC Eagle (WIX-327) stationed at United States Coast Guard Academy


The USCGC Eagle (WIX-327) (ex-SSS Horst Wessel) is a 295-foot (90 m) barque used as a training cutter for future officers of the United States Coast Guard. She is the only active commissioned sailing vessel in American military service. She is the seventh U.S. Navy or Coast Guard ship to bear the name in a line dating back to 1792. Each summer, Eagle conducts cruises with cadets from the United States Coast Guard Academy and candidates from the Officer Candidate School for periods ranging from a week to two months. These cruises fulfill multiple roles; the primary mission is training the cadets and officer candidates, but the ship also performs a public relations role. Often, Eagle makes calls at foreign ports as a goodwill ambassador.

Norwich, CT Consolidated


Norwichtown, Bean Hill, Yantic, Taftville, Greeneville, Occum, East Great Plains, Thamesville, Laurel Hill and Chelsea are all consolidated into the City of Norwich.

New London Consortium Interests founded


NLCI is founded by Thomas WIlkins Sr. is a company deicated to helping to manage smaller companies for greater profit.

USS Nautilus (SSN-571) Launched

January 21, 1954

On January 21, 1954 the first nuclear-powered submarine, the USS Nautilus, was launched from Groton. USS Nautilus became the first vessel to transit the North Pole during an historic trip across the Arctic in 1958.

U.S. Navy Submarine Force Library and Museum opens


Pfizer moves it's R&D facility to Groton, CT


UConn Avery Point Campus opens


In 1967, the Plant Estate was converted to the Southeastern Campus of the University of Connecticut, later renamed the University of Connecticut at Avery Point.

Students have access to classes for all UConn's traditional majors as well as the Bachelor of General Studies. In addition to the Bachelor of General Studies degree, there are three other majors that students are able to complete at the Avery Point campus. Coastal Studies is a marine-science based major, Maritime Studies is a humanities based major focused on marine topics, and American Studies deals with all aspects of the Western Hemisphere.

Mystic Aquarium & Institute opens


Mystic Aquarium was first opened in 1973 as a privately owned corporation. Kelvin Smith, the industrialist and philanthropist who was the primary shareholder, chose Mystic, Connecticut as the site because of the area's scenic shoreline and rich maritime history.

Lyme disease discovered


The full syndrome now known as Lyme disease was not recognized until a cluster of cases originally thought to be juvenile rheumatoid arthritis was identified in three towns in southeastern Connecticut in 1975, including the towns Lyme and Old Lyme, which gave the disease its popular name.[205] This was investigated by physicians David Snydman and Allen Steere of the Epidemic Intelligence Service, and by others from Yale University. The recognition that the patients in the United States had EM led to the recognition that "Lyme arthritis" was one manifestation of the same tick-borne condition known in Europe.

Race Rock Lighthouse becomes Automated


The Gungywamp Society is established


The Gungywamp Society, founded in 1979, is a nonprofit educational research organization which conducts excavations and tours in the Gungywamp complex, located in Groton, Connecticut. We also include information about other archaeological and historical sites in Connecticut and elsewhere. The Gungywamp Society is dedicated to the preservation of archaeologically and historically significant sites. The Gungywamp Society holds to professional and scholarly research standards and maintains association with Connecticut's state archaeologist and with other professional archaeological organizations.

USS Nautilus opens to the public.

April 11, 1986

On 11 April 1986, Nautilus opened to the public as part of the Submarine Force Library and Museum

NLCI acquires Chesla-Groton Bank


Casino Approved by the Connecticut Government


In an effort to create a casino, the Pequots retained lobbyists, reached out to charity groups that utilized the "Las Vegas night" statute, and brought in Native American Rights Fund executive director John Echohawk to defeat Weicker's proposed bill. Weicker's bill prevailed by 18-17 with one absent in the Connecticut Senate. However, the House rejected the bill by more than 20 votes. Secretary Lujan approved the compact on May 31, 1991.

Foxwoods opens


Foxwoods casino opens it's doors to the public

Senator Thomas J. Dodd Memorial Stadium opens

April 17, 1995

Senator Thomas J. Dodd Memorial Stadium is a stadium in Norwich, Connecticut. It is primarily used for baseball, and, in 2010, became the home of the Connecticut Tigers of the New York - Penn League. It was the home field of the Connecticut Defenders minor league baseball team until 2009 when the Defenders announced their move to Richmond, Virginia to be the Richmond Flying Squirrels. It was built in 1995 and has a seating capacity of 6,270. It is named for Eastern Connecticut native Thomas Dodd who was a United States Senator and Representative from Connecticut, and the father of U.S. Senator Christopher Dodd.

Norwich State Hospital Closes


NLCI acquires The Day Newspapaer


The Garde Arts Centre is Restored as Theater


In October 1998, the Garde opened with its new lobbies and storefronts and, one year later, the theatre opened with the theatre interior restored. The Oasis Room began to be consistently used by 2008 for mostly jazz, folk and popular music. The adjacent Mercer Building provides dressing rooms for the Oasis Room. The corner storefront of the Mercer Building on State and Meridian Street houses the Garde Gallery a community arts and meeting space.

Harp And Dragon Opens


In an effort to help revitalize Downtown Norwich, The Harp and Dragon Irish Pub opens. The Harp And Dragon is the first resturant owned by NLCI.

New London Police Muesum Opens


The New London Police Muesuem opens it's doors. The Site is owned and maintained by Lt. Tom Hartigan the 3rd and his partner Lt. Christopher Bullock.

NLCI Changes Leadership


With the death of Thomas Wilkins III, Jacob Higgenbotham becomes CEO of NLCI.

The Tribe of the Ivory Claws

The Pure Timeline

Pure Infighting


Pure Tribes within the Pequot begin to in fight for dominance.

Pequot Wars

1/1/1634 - 1/1/1639

The Leaders of the Uncas Pure begin a civil war and are virtuous. While the Mohegan Tribe breaks from the Pequot, the Pure become one unified tribe.

Werewolf - Vampire War

7/16/1960 - 4/3/1991

The Pure start the war with the Kindred court by assaulting several Elysiums and Havens. Over the course of the war, the Court is unable to set up a permanent Elysium as everyone one is destroyed within six months of its creation.

The Pure Regroup


The Pure realize they have lost there advantage and decided to build a centralized base of operations underneath the newly constructed Foxwoods Bingo Hall.

Celeste Attempts to regroup


Celeste attempts to re-gather the Pure to make a strike, but the Pure shut her out and attempt to kill her. She flees vowing revenge on all.



The Pure are affected by a series of maladies that cause several issues amongst the Pure. Giving the Kindred the opening they need to finally win the war.



A surrender treaty is drafted between the Pure and the Kindred. Several members of Kindred society were involved in this treaty. This treaty establishes Norwich and Montville as the territory of the Pure and that should the Pure make any hostile action against the Kindred again, the Kindred would wipe them out. The treaty is signed.



The Pure begin to attempt to regroup however, they still are suffering some maladies and are unable to focus. However, they discover that they are able to keep focus while on the original reservations. They are able to gather and fortify on the Mohegan Reservation.

Moheigan Sun Opens

October 12, 1996

Mohegan Sun opens run by the Pure. When the doors open, the Pure’s maladies start to fade. However, they are in no position to do anything about the Kindred. This begins the Pure/Kindred Cold War.

The Freehold of the Historic Winds

Changeling: The Lost

The Lost Arrive


A small group of Lost escapes the hedge just outside Mystic Seaport.

Mr. Emerald pays the court a visit


A Mr. Emerald pays the Kindred court a visit. He explains that he represents a group who would like to be left alone. He meets with Lord Mayweather and a deal is made. This deal allows the Lost to live in Mystic without having to worry about Kindred interference.

Freehold of the Historic Winds established


The lost establish a freehold in based out of Mystic Seaport. The Freehold itself in set up out of Henry B. Dupont Shipyard.

Regina Margrett a.k.a. Snow is made Autumn Queen


To the surprise of the Changeling. Regina Margrett is made Autumn Queen.

Borders Open


Queen Snow opens the borders of Mystic to the Vampires with the condition that they will not harm any of the Lost there. Mr. Emerald delivers the message to the Vampire Court.

Pelican Cove Reopens


After the Disturction of the Thread City Freehold, Pelican Cove, a goblin Market in the style of a 1920 Boardwalk was serverly damamged. On Christmas 2013, This Goblin Market was able to reopen, much to the Delight of the Lost.