Russian Revolution

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Communism is a type of government that surronds around the economy. It states that all property and business is shared equally and there is no private property.



The proletariat is a term used to describe the class of working peasants and lower middle class citizens.

Karl Marx


Karl Marx was a revolutionist and extremist. He believed that violence was the way to get changes and to get them rapidly among the nation. His beliefs are still found in present day and more recent leaders. (ie; Malcom X, Lenin, Stalin, Mao Zedong, Osama Bin Laden, etc.)



Socialism is a type of government that surronds around the economy. It states that most property and business is shared equally and there is allowed few private property.

Russian Revolution

1890 - 1940



Totalitarianism is a form of gorvernment where all aspects of life are controlled by government.


1900 - Present

Soviets are unions or groups of one belief. Soviets were formed in Russia to create nationalism and get reforms on what the people wanted.

White Russians


The White Russians were all Anti-Bolshevik members. They were the majority of the population, but essentially were led by a weak ruler and fell under the Bolsheviks (Reds).



The Bolsheviks were Russian socialists and extremists who overthrew the Provisional Government to make reforms.



Rasputin was known as the unholy priest. He was a womanizer and was said to be the devil in human carnation. He was a voodoo doctor and also said to control over Czarina or queen of Russia.

Czar Nicholas II

1900 - 1917

Czar Nicholas II was the king, or czar, of Russian and the last to rule over the Romanov Dynasty. He was weak, and did not want the throne, and after was abdicated from the throne in 1917.


1920 - 1930

The Pravda was a soviet newspaper. The Pravda focused on propaganda and was later taken over by the government and became state-run to control the public.



Gulags were Russian work/prison camps in Siberia. Many were sent to exile at gulags where they were starved or worked to death.

Leon Trotsky


Trotsky was the most trusted of the Bolshevik Party according to Lenin. He was supposed to succeed Lenin after he died but was sent into exile and then assassinated by Stalin to eliminate the competetion.

Vladamir Lenin


Vladimir Lenin was the leader of the Bolshevik Party that overthrew the Provisional Government. Lennon was a Marxist and was followed by Trotsky and Stalin in a group called the Central Committee which was originally the Bolshevik Party.

Stalin's Secret Army (KGB)


Stalin's secret police were created to reinforce the "right ways" of being a good communist and surpressed thoughts and beliefs against communism and the state. The Secret Police were violent and many innocent people were attacked and killed at their hands.

Josef Stalin


Stalin came into power after Lenin's death. He was part of the trio in the original Bolshevik Party but was more unknown then his colleagues. He was a good politician became dictator after ruling over Russia.

The Great Purge (Terror)

1934 - 1938

The Great Purge was when Stalin had officials assissinated

Stalin's Five Year Plan

1934 - 1938

Stalin's Five Year Plan was an economic plan to "better" Russia's economy. It consisted of codllective farming and quotas to be met with products. It was a complete failure and resulted in famine and many deaths.