Eko Atlantic


Feasibility Study with Developers and City Planners


Contract Awarded to Hitech Construction Limited

Dec 2005

A subsidiary of Chanony Group

South Engergyx awarded concession to reclaim land and develop infrastructure

July 2006

Bar Beach shoreline protection project completed (2km long seawall)

Dec 2006

Discussion with Dutch and Chinese experts to develop Eko Atlantic

Feb 2007 - Feb 2008

South Energyx signs contract with CCC for Phase I land reclamation

Feb 2008

Sand pumped into reclamation area

Oct 2008

Successful scale test of Great Wall of Lagos conducted in Denmark

Mar 2009

Construction of Great Wall of Lagos begins

June 2009

South Energyx signs contract with Dredging International for Phase I

Oct 2009

Dredging International vessel starts pumping sand into reclamation area

Feb 2010

1 Million square miles of land reclaimed

Mar 2010

Showroom opened

May 2010

Great Wall of Lagos reaches 1km landmark

June 2010

Design concepts made Public

Aug 2010

2.4 Million Square Miles reclaimed

Mar 2011

Dredging for Eko Atlantic begins

April 2011

Great Wall reaches 2km

Jun 2011

Start of construction of first access road

Aug 2011

Piling Starts for first residential towers

Sept 2011

Copa Lagos World Beach Soccer played on Eko Atlantic

Dec 2011

Great Wall of Lagos reaches 3km

Apr 2012

Construction starts on Eastern End of The Great Wall of Lagos

Sept 2012

First Drainage and Sewerage pipes laid

Oct 2012


Phase I

Feb 2008 - May 2011

Phase II

Dec 2011 - Feb 2013