Symptoms of Zombie Bite


You are Bitten


You are attacked by a group of zombies and can't flee before one bites you!

First Set of Sympoms- Hours 0-1

05/24/2013 - 05/24/13 1:00am

Pain and discoloration to the infected area. Near immediate clotting of the area: clots will appear brownish-purple in color.

Second Set of Symptoms- Hours 1-5

05/24/13 1:00am - 05/24/13 5:00am

A fever will occur (99-103 degrees F). This will be accompanied by shakes, chills, vomiting, slight dementia, minor hallucinations, and pain in the joints.

Third Set of Symptoms- Hours 5-8

05/24/13 5:00am - 05/24/13 8:00am

High fever (103-106 degrees F). Increased dementia and major hallucinations. Also extremities will lose feeling and you will have loss of muscular control.

Fourth Set of Symptoms- Hours 8-11

05/24/13 8:00am - 05/24/2013 11:00am

Paralysis of the infected area and lower body will occur along with numbing of the entire body. The heart rate will slow down and become weak.

Fifth Set of Symptoms- Hours 11-16

05/24/2013 11:00am - 05/24/2013 4:00pm

You will become unresponsive to all stimuli including severe pain. You slowly slip into a coma.

Sixth Set of Symptoms- Hours 16-20

05/24/2013 4:00pm - 05/24/2013 8:00pm

Your heart rate will slow, and then stop. There is now zero brain activity. You are clinically dead at this stage.

Seventh Set of Symptoms- Hours 20-23

05/24/2013 8:00pm - 05/24/2013 11:00pm

You finally begin to turn. Minor brain activity near the brain stem occurs. You will begin to move but only slightly because your blood is no longer flowing. Because there is no blood flow you have no control over your tissue and it takes several hours to get to your feet.

Final Set of Symptoms

05/24/2013 11:00pm - 05/25/2013

Within this last hour you will be fully transformed. You will crave human as well as any other flesh. You will be violent and have no care for former memories or past friends.

You are now a zombie!


You have begun the rest of your life as a zombie with only one goal in life: to feed. You will continue to do so until you decompose completely or your brain is destroyed by a survivor of the apocalypse.