Anne Frank Timeline


Anne Frank's Birth

June 12 1929

Otto and Edith Frank make plans to go to holland


First anti-jewish laws are made

january 30 1933

Edith, Margot, and Anne leave germany and join Otto in amsterdam

february 1934

Anne Frank enroles in a Montessori school in amsterdam

february 1934

Margot is orderd to report to a labor camp

July 5 1942

the Frank family go into hiding

july 6 1942

Van Pels join them in hiding

july 13 1942

Pfeffer and a friend joins the annex

November 16 1942

the last entry of anne franks journal

august 1 1944

They were found out

August 4 1944

sent to a prison where they stayed for two nights

August 5 1944

sent to auschwitz

september 3 1944

Anne and Morgot are sent to Bergen-Belson concentration camp

october 28 1944

Annes mother dies

January 6 1945

margot dies in bergen-belson

march 1945

Anne dies in bergen-belson

april 1945

annes diary is published