Farewell to Manzanar


The Axis powers unite


Pearl Harbor Attack

December 7, 1941

Father arressted

December 21, 1941

Japanese gain bad experiences that later return in 1945's evacuations


Gordon Hirabayashi takes the first case to the Supreme Court

January 30 1942

Executive Order 9066

February 19, 1942

Evacuation of Terminal Island

February 25, 1942

Move to Manzanar

April, 1942

The camps are far from finished and are not ready for the Japanese

April 30, 1942

Papa helps the government conduct interviews

May 1942

Wada and crew dedicate Manzanar's flagpole circle

June 10, 1942

Papa returns from the prison

September, 1942

December riot

December, 1942

A group of men attack Fred Tayama

December 5, 1942

Papa changes into a different person


Life in the camp becomes subdued

1943 - 1944

The Japanese take a Loyalty Oath

March 1943

Wakatsukis move to quarters in Block 28

April 30, 1943

Jeanne wants to be baptized but father refusses

June 1943

Jeanne explores outside the camp

June, 1944

Eleanor has her child

July 1944

Woody is drafted

August, 1944

Woody is sent to Germany for duty

November, 1944

Last of three Supreme Court cases is brought against the camps

December 1, 1944

Supreme Court rules that camps are illegal

December 15, 1944

The number of people at Manzanar dwindles

December 30, 1944

Internees begin returning to homes and farms

January, 1945

The camps schools are closed

June, 1945

WW2 ended with America as victor

August, 1945

The war ends after Hiroshima

August 6, 1945

Papa buys a car to move in style

September, 1945

The Wakatsukis depart Manzanar

October, 1945

Living in a small apartment in California

November, 1945

The pronounced closing date for the camps

December 1, 1945

Closing of camps in 1945

December 1945

Woody goes to Ka-ke

april, 1946

Jeanne meets Radine


Woody and Ray return from the military

March, 1947

Family moves to farm in San Jose