Greek Civ.-Post-Peloponnesian War

This timeline deals with the history, art, and philosophy of Greece as well as the Greco-Lucanian Colony Paestum.


Sparta defeats Athens in Peloponnesian War

404 bc

Cyrus' brother, Antaxerxes, succeeds Darius II

404 bc

Because of this, Cyrus, Lysander's Ally, mounts a rebellion, which engages 13 thousand Greek Mercenaries.

Battle of Cunaxa

401 bc

Cyrus charges his brother; loses his life. Greek mercenaries made it back on the ships.

The Death of Socrates

399 bc

Socrates convicted for controversial ideas. Chooses the suicide option

Corinthian War

395 bc - 387 bc

The alienated allies of Sparta (A coalition of Athens, Thebes, Corinth and Argos) combine against it. Also, introduction of peltast (small wicker shield) soldiers into fighting.

Battle of Cnidus

394 bc

The persian navy commanded by the satrap Pharnabazus and the Athenian admiral Conon won a decisive battle over Sparta. Important, because Cono returned to Athens and rebuilt Long Walls

The peace of Persia aka. King's Peace (koine eirene)

387 bc

The exhausted greeks agree to a peace treaty negotiated in Persia. First attempt at (koine eirene) or common peace where the principal focus was autonomy among the poleis.

Birth of Philip II

382 bc

Spartan Control of Thebian Acropolis

382 bc - 379 bc

Sparta takes control of Thebian Acropolis and assassinates Pro-Athenian faction in Thebes for conspiring with Persia. Ironic, considering Sparta was often the most pro-Persian greek city-state.

Thebian coup/Second Athenian League

379 bc

With the helps of the Athenians, the Thebians stage a coup expelling the Spartans. Also, second Naval confederacy (Second Athenian League) established.

Thebians defeat the Spartans

371 bc

Greek Revolts

369 bc - 350 bc

Philip banished to Thebes

369 bc - 367 bc

The battle of Mantinea

362 bc

Epaminondas (Thebian Comander) met the alliances of Spart and Athens in Mantinea and, although they won, he died and told his troops to make peace.

The accession of Philip of Macedon

359 bc

Philip becomes king of Maceedon

359 bc

Phosis becomes a major power in north-central Greece

357 bc - 353 bc

Thebes fines Phocis

357 bc

Battle of Crocus Field

353 bc

Phillip returns to Thessaly and defeats the Phocians

Phillip sides with Thebes in Sacred War

346 bc

Alexander's Speech at Opis

324 bc

Philip bribes Athens


Pull support for Amphipolis


The history of Paestum, concurrent w/ history of mainland Greece

Outside Works

The history of works written outside of the history text

Life of Demosthenes

384 b.c. - 322 b.c


The dates of various pieces of Art

The walls of Piraeus

394 bc

The walls built by Conon are still visible in Piraeus

The Death of Dexileus

394 bc

A calvaryman who died in the Corinthian war. In the piece he is depicted victorious though

The Decree of Aristoteles

377 bc

The names of the cities that joined the alliannce were inscribed on the same stone as the decree. As new states joined, their names were added.

The Construction of the Mausoleum

350 bc

It's construction was overseen by Mausolus' widow, Artemisia, after his death.