Korean War

Important Dates

Japan makes Korea a formal colony.


38th Parallel

August 11, 1945

Korea is divided into Soviet & U.S. zones of occupation along the 38th parallel

Troops engage for the first time

July 5, 1950

U.S. soldiers engage North Korean troops at a spot North of Osan, then retreat with heavy casualties

October 1, 1950

October 1, 1950

UN troops cross the 38th parallel into N.Korea

China enters the war

October 2, 1950

China enters the war

N.Korea's capital falls

October 19,1950

UN Forces capture Pyongyang, North Korea's capital

First Battle

October 26,1950

Chinese army attacks UN forces fifty miles south of the Yalu River in the first battle between the two sides.

UN Forces

December, 1950

UN forces are driven back. Communist troops launch a major offensive, recross the 38th parallel, and begin a second invasion of South Korea

First Battles with Jet Planes

December 30, 1950

U.S. Air Force planes near Yalu River encounter Red Chinese MiG-15 jet fighters in the first battle ever between jet planes

Seoul is recaptured

January 5, 1951

Seoul is recaptured bu Communist Forces.

Seoul is once again retakened

March 18, 1951

Seoul is retaken by UN forces

Gen. Douglas MacArthur is fired

April 11, 1951

Gen. MacArthur is fired because he issued a statement to the news media on March 24 that derided China as a vastly overrated military power and predicted their lose in the war. This statement ruined Truman's planned offer for peace talks

Soviets delegate want Peace

June 23, 1951

Soviet delegate Jacob Malik proposes truce talks

A death may lead to Peace

March 5, 1953

Joseph Stalin dies; new Soviet premier Georgi Malenkov speaks of peaceful coexistances with the United States

Peace talk between the two Koreas

June 13, 1953 - June 15, 1953

Officials of South Korea and North Korea meet in Pyongyang, North Korea, to begin discussions on how to normalize relations between their two countries, a breakthrough conference that opened up new possibilities for the eventual reunification of the two Koreas

Peace has finally arrived

July 27, 1953

Cease-fire signed by Lt.Gen.Nam 2nd and Lt. Gen. William K. Harrison at 10:00 A.M at Panmunjom; 12 hours later the fighting ends.