The Course of World War II

Chapter 11 Section 2 Notes (Pg 541-Pg 550)


Hitler's Early Victories

The Division

September 28, 1939

Germany and The Soviet Union decided to divide the land of Poland.

The Attack

April 9, 1940

Hitler resumed the attack against Denmark and Norway.

The Launched Attacks

May 10, 1940

Germany launched an attack on the Netherlands, Belgium, and France.

The Signing

June 22, 1940

The French signed an armistice were German armies now occupied about 3/5 of France.

The Battle of Britian


August 1940

The German air force launched a major offensive. Germans planned to bomb British air an naval base.

The Delay


Hitler's attack towards the Soviet Union was delayed because of problems in the Balkans.

Soviet Invasion

June 22, 1941

Hitler invaded the Soviet Union believing it could be decisively defeated before the brutal winter weather set in.

German Armies Stopped

December 1941

A Soviet army came as an ominous ending to the year for the Germans.

Japan at War

Pearl Harbor

December 7, 1941

Japanese aircraft attacked the U.S naval base at Pearl Harbor in the Hawaiian Islands.

Who Controlled


By Spring of 1942 almost all of the Southeast Asia and much of the western Pacific had fallen into Japanese hands.

The Allies Advance

Allies Agreement


The Allies agreed to fight until the Axis Powers such as Germany, Italy, and Japan surrendered unconditionally.

The European Theater



Germans might still prevail on the battlefield.

War Turns


The war turned against the Germans.

The Surrender

May 1943

German and Italian troops invade French North Africa and made them surrender.

The Asian Theater

The Gathering


Allies forces in Asia gathered for two major operations.


May 7, 1943 - May 8, 1943

American Naval forces stopped the Japanese advance and saved Australia,

Last Years of War

The Changing


The tied of battle had turned against Germany, Italy, and Japan and later on Axis forces surrendered