Events of WW1


Triple Alliance is formed,


(later called the Central Powers) is formed. The Triple Alliance were Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire.

Triple Entente is formed


(later called the Allied Powers) The Triple Entente were France, Britain, Russia.

Archduke Ferdinand and wife is shot.

June 28, 1914

Battle of the Marne.

Sept 1914

Italy joins the Allied Powers.

April 1915

The Lusitania is sunk.

May 1915

Germany believed it had weapons on board.

Battle of Somme.

July 1916

U.S. enters the war.

April 1917

U.S. believes that its rights as a neutral nation had been violated.

Lenin takes over Russia.

Nov 1917

Russia withdraws from the war.

Nov 1917

Russia withdrew from the war because of the Bolshevik Revolution.

Lenin signs a peace treaty with Germany.

March 1918

Czar Nicholas and family killed.

July 1918

Czar Nicholas 2nd of Russia and family are killed by the Bolsheviks.

Battle of the Argonne begins.

Sept 1918

Armistice is signed.

Nov 1918

Armistice means an agreement made by opposing sides in a war to stop fighting for a certain time; a truce.

The Big 4 meet in Paris.

Jan 1919

The Big 4 are U.S., Britain, France, Italy.

Treat of Versailles is signed.

June 1919

Wilson's "Big Idea" was the fourteen points.

League of Nations formed

June 1919

League of Nations is an international organization to promote world peace and cooperation that was created by the Treaty of Versailles.

U.S.S.R. (Soviet Union) is formed.