History of India


Civilization develops near the Indus River

3000 BC

Persians Invade India

530 BC

Buddhism starts in India

500 BC

Alexander the Great invades N. India

325 BC

Ancient Greeks invade India

36 BC

Muslims arrive in India

700 AD

Europeans began to arrive in India

1400 AD

Indian Soldiers rebel against Britain

1857 AD

India is under British rule

1858 AD

Mahthma Gandhi starts a nonviolent protest

1920 AD

India gains Independence

1947 AD

India is partitioned

1947 AD

Gandhi is assasinated

1948 AD

India and Pakistan go to war

1965 AD

Indira Gandhi becomes India's first female Prime Minister

1968 AD

India goes back to war with Pakistan

1971 AD

India explodes first nuclear device

1974 AD

Violence between Hindus and Muslims erupt

1992 AD

Manhohan Singh becomes first Sikh Prime Minister

2004 AD

Nearly 200 people killed by militant from Pakistan

2008 AD