In the Time of the Butterflies


Virgilie Morales

February 1 1948

Thinks Virgilie Morales is the one who gave Minerva the ideas about Trujillo


March 1 1948

Hangs out with boy and find out hes communist, the talk about the perfect government.

Life Insurance

April 1 1948

Practices to sell life insurance in the future


January 1 1960

Dede and Minerva fighting over weather to join the revolution or not. Dede dose not want to because her husband dose not want her to.


February 1 1960

Dede wanted to bring Jaimito with her and her sisters but since Minerva did not know where his politics were so Minerva did not want him to come starting a big argument.


march 1 1960

Dede is listening to illegal radio witch is about the Cuban revolution. he husband dose not approve of this


April 1 1960

Dede goes to church to get answers on what she should do with her at home family and her sisters. When there she finds out that Padre de Jesus is a revolutionist.


May 2 1960

Dede and Minerva were very scared and they said a pome over and over until they fell asleep to get the head out of it


November 25 1960

Dede gets out of the car and decides to stay at home instead of going on trip

Day After

November 26 1960

Dede was frantic she did not know if her sisters were dead or alive.


January 23 1994

A reporter came to Dede asking questions way earlier then reporters came normally.


May 24 1994

Made worker move working stations for having weird family photos that maid Dede uncomfortable.



January 1938

Papa send Minerva to a religious school


march 1944

Minerva's friend trys to kill Trujillo during a school event that Trujillo was watching


July 4 1946

Graduates school


January 1 1949

Find letters in dads jacket pocket from Lio, who she has not seem in a long time


February 1 1949

She finds out Papa is cheating on her mother and has four other daughters. Minerva crashes the Jeep into the Ford when she finds out.


March 1 1949

Minerva finally realizes that she wants a man in her life

Trujillos Party

April 1 1949

The Maribals get invited to Trujillos party. No one at the party dances until El Jefe has the first dance. later on in the party El Jefe dance with Minerva. He try's advance from dancing but Minerva slaps him in the face.


May 1 1949

Minerva is taken into questioning and askeed about the letters from Lio Morales. They ask her if she is in contact with him, she is not. Papa is taken prisoner and has a heart attack in jail. When they are all together Minerva gambles for there life. they tie so they are let go.


November 20 1955

Minerva is getting married to Manolo on a very rainy day.


July 27 1956

Graduates law school but Trujillo dose not let her practice.


March 24 1960

In prison Minerva holds "little school" to talk about what the new government should look like. She got this from listening to the illegal radio. Castro did this when he was in prison.


August 14 1960

Sanctions against the D.R. were passed

Bed room

august 16 1960

Minerva remembers time sharing room with Dede


September 12 1960

Minerva finds out her husband is at La Victoria Prison and that Manolo and Leanardo are at Puerto Plata


November 25 1960

Wondering if they should stop at the spot of a ambush

Maria Teresa


December 15 1945

Goes to same school as Minerva, Minerva give her a little book to write in.

New Year

January 1 1946

Comes up with list of resolves for 1946


January 19 1946

Mate thinks that Trujillo is a good person


February 21 1946

Finds out that Minerva sneaks out and asks her why. Minerva dose not respond.

Night mares

December 16 1953

has night mares about papas death


January 1 1954

has 1st kiss


September 27 1954

Gets news from gossip section of the new paper. In the section of the paper is where you read about what Trujillo dose to people who have spoke out against him.

Butter fly #2

September 28 1956

Mate is staying at Minerva's house when in the middle of the night she hears knocking at the door. It is a man delivering a big package to Minerva and Manolo. After talking to the man She decides she wants to be a butterfly.


March 1 1959

Mate has a new baby named Jacqueline


march 20 1960

Mate thought she was above the other non political inmates until on day she had a break down in prison. the non political's offered her there 10 minutes of looking out the window.


march 26 1960

Mate and Minerva receive packages from there family and share the goods evenly through out the cell with all the other girls


april 1 1960

Get to see family for frist time while in prison


april 2 1960

prison guards take away all Crufixes

Hiding papers

june 28 1960

Mate has discovered she can hide papers in her hair


August 7 1960

Mate hides papers in her hair to give to the OAS to help impose sanctions in the Dominican Republic.



March 1 1946

Married to Pedro Gonzales, has two kids Nelson and Nori

Night Mares

April 1 1946

Has night mares about house burning down killing her babies


may 1 1946

Loses a baby before birth


February 1 1959

Patrica has first son named Ernersto


March 1 1959

Minerva gives her Patria her 5 month old baby because she could not raise her during the rebellion,


May 1 1959

The family takes a retreat and on the last day they are attacked her son Noris died


July 1 1959

Has new baby boy named Raul Ernesto


January 1 1960

The SIM (the D.R.'s secret police) were staying and Patrias house

Trujillo Picture

January 23 1960

The picture of Trujillo was being moved around the house to eventually it was in a part of the house that no one goes in.


February 3 1960

to Patria every one is equal in the eyes of god


March 1 1960

Patria is wondering how her son Nelson is being treated in jail, as a man or as a boy.


March 23 1960

When Patria passes the picture of Trujillo he say a prayer and act as if he is one of her own, just troubled.


March 24 1960

Making a package for Minerva and Mate in prison


Other Family members/Friends


February 1938

Trujillo kills general and husband, the general was fooling around with husbands wife Trujillo takes them both and kills them


March 1938

T. is killing non-supporters of his regime


March 1941

T. starts having affair with Lina

Papa dies

December 15 1953

Papa Dies


December 23 1953

23rd year of Trujillo


January 1 1959

Castro Just freed Cuba

State of emergency

April 1 1959

The government calls a state of emergency to stop/delay invasion of rebels and it works

El Jefe

August 28 1960

El Jefe wants the sisters dead


November 25 1960

Guards surround the car on the little lonely road


November 25 1960

the guards killed the sisters and driver then put them back in the car and pushed them over a cliff to look like a accident.