Effects of Cold War on Cuba


Soviet Union Alliance

1960 - 1991

Cuba has an alliance with the Soviet Union. Cuba will rely on the Soviet Union, especially for military aid.


Rio Treaty


This treaty united Cuba, the United States, and other neighboring countries to defend areas from external attack.

U.S. ends diplomatic relations

January 3, 1961

Eisenhower closes the American embassy in Havana. This showed that the United States was prepared to take extreme measures agaisnt Castro's regime.

Bay of Pigs

April 15, 1961

President Eisenhower allowed the CIA to organize and Cuban exiles to overthrow Castro. Their plan was to move inland from the Bay of Pigs, gain local support, and cross the island to Havana. But, they were unsuccessful and it was a huge embarrassment to the United States.

Cuban Missile Crisis


Cubans and the Soviets were against the United States. After viewing the missiles, Kennedy decided to put a naval blockade around Cuba to prevent more supplies from coming into Cuba from the Soviet Union.

Operation Mongoose


It was similar to the Bay of Pigs invasion in that its goal was to get rid of Communist power. However, the focus was on propaganda and assassination, rather than training and assault force of Cuban exiles.



Cuban intervention in Angola to support the Communist movement and go agaisnt the United States intervention with South Africa. Cuban forces remained in Angloa to support the government.

Havana Declaration


Castro stated in this declaration that it is important to ensure the "national independence soverignity, territorial integrity of non-aligned countries"in their "struggle against imperialism, colonialism, neo-colonialism, and racism,..."


Cuban Revolution

1953 - 1959

An armed revolt was conducted by Fidel Castro against the Cuban dictator, Fulgencio Batista. In 1959, the Cuban government was replaced with Fidel Castro's revolutionary government which later changed to communism.

Cuban Missile Crisis


Many people, both US, Cuban, and other citizens, feared that this would turn into a nuclear conflict. They also feared that it would lead to World War III.