Mendel and Darwin


Mendel's Life

Born in Heinzendorf, Austria

July 22, 1822

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Graduated Secondary School with Honors


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Began studying to become a Monk


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Graduated University of Olmütz


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Got sick in Brno and filled a temporary teaching position in Znaim


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Started researching transmission of heredity traits in plant hybrids


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Continued researching more than tens of thousands individual plants (1856-1863)


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Began giving lectures over his book, Experiments on Plant Hybrids


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He was elected an abbot of school were he taught for 14 years


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Died at 62 years old

January 6, 1884

He was buried in Monastery's Burial plot. A lot of people attended his funeral.
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Darwin's Life

Born in Shrewsbury, England

February 12, 1809

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At 16, he enrolled at Edinburgh University

October 1825

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Started studying at Christ's College in Cambridge


His father really wanted him to follow in their families footsteps and become a medical doctor. Darwin could not stand the sight of blood. He wanted to study Natural History.
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Graduated Christ's College with his Bachelor of Arts Degree


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Started voyage on HMS Beagle around the world

December 27, 1831

He collected a lot of natural specimens. He observed the principles of botany, geology, and zoology.
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Returned to England


Started writing up his discoveries in Journal of Researches
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Studied his discoveries


He started to believe that species had gradually evolved from common ancestors. He also believed that species survived through Natural Selection.
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Publicly introduced his revolutionary theory of evolution


It was in a letter that was read at a meeting of the Linnean Society.
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Published a detailed explination of his theory

November 24, 1859

He published it in, On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection. This is his book that is very popular.
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Died at family home

April 19, 1882

Buried at Westminster Abbey.
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