Greece Timeline


Houses Of Vasiliki And Myrtos Messara Tholoi House Of Tiles At Lerna

3000 BCE

Destruction Of Minoan Settlements

2000 BCE

Destruction Of Minoan palaces Settlement Of Akrotiri

1700 BCE

Eruption Of Thera Volcano

1627 BCE

Grave Circle A at Mycenae

1600 BCE

End of Mycenaean civilization

1000 BCE

First Olympic Games

776 BCE

Greek colonies established in Southern Italy & Invention of Greek alphabet

750 BCE

First Messenian War Sparta invades Messenia

730 BCE

Solon replaces the Draconian law in Athens and lays the foundation for Democracy

594 BCE

Pisistratos Becomes Tyrant of Athens

546 BCE

Introduction of Democracy in Athens

510 BCE

Kleisthenes starts to establishe a democratic constitution

508 BCE

Peloponnesian Wars: "First Peloponnesian War"

461 Bce

Thirty-year peace treaty signed between Athens and Sparta in winter

446 BCE

Athens surrenders to Sparta Thirty tyrants rule Athens

404 BCE

Trial and execution of Socrates

399 BCE

Plato establishes the Athens Academy

380 BCE

Phillip II Assassinated. Alexander the Great becomes king of Macedonia

336 BCE

Alexander the Great defeats Persians at Issus

333 BCE

Death of Alexander the Great

323 BCE

Roman Invasion of Greece

146 BCE

End of Greece

30 bce