Lord Byron


George Noel Gordon (Byron) is born on 22 January


Went to Trinity College, Cambridge University

October 24 1805

First book of poems is privately printed

January 1807

, Byron takes his seat in the House of Lords

March 13 1807

Romantic affair with Mrs Spencer Smith

September 1809

yron had an affair with Welsh maid, Susan Vaughan

19 December 1811

Affair with Lady Caroline Lamb started

April 1812

Resigned from House of Lords

June 1 1813

Begins Affair With Sister

December 1813

Married Miss Annabella Milbanke

January 2 1815

December Birth of daughter, Ada Lovelace

December 1815

Don Juan cantos I and II is published

July 1819

Byron dies after catching critical cold

19 April 1824