Egypt during the Cold War


Nasser era

6/23/56 - 9/28/70

Without Nasser dying, Egypt would never have wanted to align itself with Israel and the U.S. because Sadat wouldn't had become president till a later date.

Suez Crisis

10/29/56 - 11/7/56

France, Britain, Israel invade to stop Egypt's control of Suez Canal. Russia threatens with nuclear weapons, U.S. soviet negotiations avoid a major crisis. Egypt needs money from canal to build Aswan dam on the nile the U.S. wont fund.

6 Day War

6/5/67 - 6/10/67

In just 6 days, after a surprise attack, Israel won a huge amount of territory from its neighboring Arab countries. This war was one of many in the middle east between Israel and the Arab countries. It created more tensions in the middle east

Yom Kippur War

10/6/73 - 10/25/73

War between Egypt and Israel. Egypt backed by soviets, Israel backed by U.S. After Egypt loses this war, the switch to the side of the U.S. and ditch the Soviets as their allies

U.S. provides money for food

77 - 97

for twenty years, the U.S. provided over 4 billion dollars in order to help Egypt with its lack of grain. One of the main factors Egypt cared about was grain when decided who to align itself with. The U.S. promised and they delivered.


Nationalizing the Suez Canal


Egypt nationalized the Suez Canal to collect all the profits so it could pay for the Aswan Dam. It created major tension between the U.S. and the Soviets. Countries allied with the U.S. did not want Egypt to have control of the canal.

OAPEC Oil embargo

October 1973 - March 1974

Arab nations included in OAPEC (e.g. Egypt) decided on an Oil Embargo on the U.S. due to the U.S. backing of Israel


Emergency Law


law put in place for president to gain major power for a temporary time. Put in place to control groups like the Muslim Brotherhood, who are extreme islamists against attempted democracies put in place by America.

Subsidizing Bread


Egypt had to subsidize bread in order to get a low from the IMF they needed to pay off their debt. When bread was subsidized, people rioted and 70 were killed. The moments peoples lives were changed, they rioted.