Vietnam timeline 1940- 2000

Effects of Cold War, Vietnam War, and international relations on Vietnam as a country


Democratic Republic of Vietnam

1945 - 1976

Ho Chi Minh declared the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, which was North Vietnam, an independent nation in 1945. He then throughout the Vietnam War ruled over this so called republic with communistic ideals.


January 1950 - December 1950

Soviets and China pledge that they will supply communists in Vietnam weapons so they can spread communism

Geneva Conference

July 1954 - August 1954

North Vietnam was officially declared an independent nation. Vietnam was then split along the 17th parallel.


January 1955 - November 1963

Diem is elected president of South Vietnam in 1955.
He is then assassinated in 1963

Vietnam War

November 1955 - April 1975

Cold War started the Vietnam War

French Leave

January 1956 - February 1956

The French leave the Indochina region


November 1960 - January 1963

Kennedy is elected President of the United States and sends military officials to help with training the South Vietnamese soldiers. Kennedy is then assaainated in

Protests Against Diem

1961 - January 1963

People protested Diem's corrupt regime. Monks were so unhappy with his policies that they started to burn themselves alive.

Cease Fire

January 1973 - December 1973

A cease fire is signed by Kissinger in Paris bringing this war to a close

Fall of Saigon

April 1975 - May 1975

The communists invade Saigon, take it over and many people try to evacuate. Humility for United States because they are running away from the Communists.

Vietnam and UN

1976 - 1980

Vietnam is admitted to UN

Reagan is Elected

November 1979 - January 1980

Reagan is elected into office

US and Vietnam

1991 - 1997

US and Vietnam exchange ambassadors


US Support

1950 - 1975

US send sin troops, officials, food, water, and much needed resources to try to help South Vietnam as well as end the War

Trading Limitations

1955 - 1975

Trading during the Vietnam War was limited to South Vietnam. SoNorth Vietnam could no longer get supplies from America while South Vietnam was exporting and importing many goods

Vietnam Inflation

1980 - 1985

After Communists fully controlled Vietnam, their economy started to deteriorate. Each year after 1980, the value of their money was worth 1/5 of what it was the year before.



1958 - 1975

Bombings destroyed landscapes. Landscape was a very important part of the culture because most of Vietnam's people live in villages in valleys and near rivers. So after the bombings the place was inhabitable and crops could not be grown


1960 - 1985

During chemical Warfare people had to be careful of what they ate because they could be taking in food that had been infected by chemicals that were being used

Chemical Warfare

1961 - 1971

US employs Agent Orange to help bring this war to a close. Agent Orange killed many people and led to many birth defects