Isabelle M's Greek Timeline


Ancient Greece

3000 BC - 431 BC

The Minoan Civilisation Begins

3000 BC

The Minoan civilisation begins on the island of Crete.

The Greeks fight Troy

1200 BC

Myceneans, soldiers from mainland Greese, fight Troy.

The end of the Mycenaean age. Greece enters a dark age.

1100 BC

The Greeks come to an end of the Mycenaean age and they enter a dark age during which it suffers from famine and depopulation.

The Greeks set off to sea to start Colonies

800 BC

The dark age ends in 800BC when they go to sea and start to create a large Colony.

The Olympics

776 BC

The first Olympics start. Making a start of the Archiac civilisation.

The llliad and Odyssey poems are written by Homer

700 BC