Greek timeline Cameron


Ancient Greece

3000 BC - 431 BC

Minoan civilisation begin on the island of Crete.

3000 BC

Greek fight Troy.

1200 BC

The end of th mycenaeen age.Greek enters a dark cave.

1100 BC

Greek set of by sea to set up colonies.

800 BC

The first olmpic games are held.

776 BC

The lliad the odyssey poems are written by Homer.

700 BC

Democracy if founded in Athens,but only male citizens can vote.

500 BC

The Greek defeet the persians at marthons.

490 BC

The glden or clssical age of Greece begins.

480 BC

300 sportens defend a pass against a persian army.

480 BC

The greeks persian fight a great sea battle at salamis.

480 BC

Pericles leads Athens in its golden age.

443 BC

The peloponnesian war.

431 BC