Amies greek timeline


the minoan

3000 BC

Mioan civilations begin on the island of crete.


1200 BC

Mainland soilders fight against the city of Troy.

The end of mycenion age.Greese enters a dark age.

1100 BC

After the myonion age greese enters dark age during which it suffers Famine and Depopulation.

Greeks set of to sea to colonies.

800 BC

The dark ages end in the 800s BC when the greeks set of to sea to explore and set up colonies .

The first olyimpics are held.

776 BC

The olyimpic games started in 776 BC , marking the start of archaic greek civalisations.

the llliad and odyssey poems are written by Homer .

700 BC

The llliad poems is a long poem written from the 700s BC, and said to be a story teller named Homer.

The golden or classical age of greese begins.

480 BC

At around 480 BC the golden age of greece begins.This is what historians called classic greese.

The pelonnesien war

431 BC - 404 BC

The sparas and the athenes fight a long war,called pelonnesien war , from 403 to 404 BC.

the greeks and persians fight a gresat sea war at salamis.

408 BC

The greatest greek sea battle in history took place at salamis,an island not so far from athenes.